Unemployment Nine: Geographically unsuitable

In my daily futile journey through the job sites, I encountered some geographical stupidity on CareerBuilder.com.

In a search for job listings containing “editor” within 50 miles of New York, listings appeared for an executive editor in Lafayette, Ind., and a digital editor in St. George, Utah. Are you shitting me?

Whether this was the fault of CareerBuilder.com or the companies that listed the jobs, or both, allow me to share a wee bit of wisdom: As bad as the job market is these days, if someone is looking for a job in New York, they are not going to consider Lafayette, Ind., or St. George, Utah.

I mean no disrespect to those two cities, but honestly, where the fuck are they? I can tell you this: They’re nowhere near New York, in terms of location, lifestyle, or salary.

Indiana? Utah? Yeah, bite me.

The bustling metropolis that is downtown St. George, Utah. Can you feel the excitement?