Socially inept social media: the celebrity retweet

I am a big fan of social media. I’ve been blogging since 2005. I’m on Facebook constantly throughout the day. I have an active Twitter account. I recently started playing around with Tumblr. And I actually get paid to cover it.

Retweet THIS

However, some people should have their social media privileges revoked. And the Twitter users who beg for celebrities to retweet their inane messages are among the worst offenders.

The possibility of interacting with celebrities is one of the cool things about Twitter, don’t get me wrong. And I’ve had a few conversations with some well-known Tweeters, mostly media members. But there’s a difference between a conversation and begging for attention.

Here’s my question: What can possibly be gained from being retweeted by a celebrity? Is it really worth sounding like a pathetic beggar?

If you’re looking for more followers, a well-thought-out response to a celebrity’s Tweet is much more likely to prompt someone to click through to your Twitter profile. Some of the Hemingway-like gems I’ve seen, on the other hand, aren’t going to cut it.

“Please RT, it’s my birthday!” Who gives a shit?

“RT if you love your fans.” Whatever.

“I’ve Tweeted you 100 times, please RT.” Get a life. Seriously.

I just don’t understand the attraction. If these people think they’re getting special attention from a celebrity, they might want to think again. Even if the actual celebrity is running the Twitter account, rather than an assistant or intern, if 100 retweets go out within 10 minutes, what makes you think yours stood out?

Plus, assuming the actual celebrity is manning the account, and you are legitimately a fan or admirer of this person, do you want them to spend their limited time on Twitter retweeting stupidity like, “RT if you love your fans in Cleveland!” or actually discussing what they’re doing on that day, their feelings on current events, who they’re rooting for in the big game, or anything of interest?

There is already way, way too much clutter on Twitter. For the love of God, think before you Tweet.