Unseasonably warm

I love surprise good-weather days like today. It’s not often that you wake up in early February and hear 61 degrees, unless the heat in your apartment is on the fritz.

bacon, egg and cheese on waffle

Dunkin' Donuts: bacon, egg and cheese on waffle

I generally can’t stay indoors on a day as nice as today, and I was feeling guilt after having the new Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich — bacon, egg and cheese on a waffle — so I got on my new bike and headed out for a ride.

I quickly discovered a few things. For one, my bike is in far better shape than I’m in. Also, while I love beach cruisers, they sort of suck when going uphill. It’s a very, very heavy bike and it takes a lot of work to navigate even short hills.

My bike

My bike

Still, it was great to get out there, get some exercise and fresh air and enjoy the sights of Pier A in Hoboken, both of the canine variety and the female human variety.

Even though it was only one day, going back to the normal cold weather of February will be very, very tough.