What freaking language is this?

One of the common misconceptions I encounter via my work email address is that people confuse writing for a blog that covers Facebook with providing Facebook technical support. I get all kinds of emails asking how to do certain things on Facebook.

What Samuel L. Jackson said!

I’m not a total hard-ass about it. If the question involves a topic we’ve written about, I will forward the URL of the post. And if I know the answer off the top of my head, and it’s not complicated, I’ll try to respond.

However, if it involves any research on my part, you are shit out of luck. You might have heard of this newfangled doohickey called Google? Yes, believe it or not, they have the Internet on computers now!

But for the love of God, if you have any expectations of help, could you try to write your email in something that remotely resembles English? Look at this crap (obviously unedited):

Hey hw u doin ,

iv jus got a few quiries regardin facebook an thought u may hlp m out ,

but before that i knw u may not b è corect ppl 2 ask bt nevr the les u may knw , how can i extend my wifi siginal over a longer distence (not very long ) without any headaches coud ther b an app or somthin i use iphone & ipod touch .

Oky getn to my quiries bwt fbk scince u are all fbk

hw do i inbox a pic 4rm my in to som ones inbox in fbk , or from my email or photos to an inbox of a fbk acount (i normaly use fbk for iphone

Y is it that fbk kip on askin m to put my location on nomater how many tymz i say cancel evry 20 secondz that screen jus shows up , its so irritating this hapns wen im usin iphone app

Y is it i can no longer c my msgz wen im ofline the way i used to c them befor on my iphone app

Y is it that somtymz no matr hw many tymz i try yo update my status it jus kips sayin cant update , normaly it hapns wen my updates are a little longr but that nevr used to hapn bfr

Y is it somtymz the iphone app jus turnz in to a whyt screen an then i hav to delete it an instal it again

Sory 4 da trobl bt if u can hlp m out on all or any one of these quires id realy apriciate

What the fuck?????????

4 comments on “What freaking language is this?

  1. Ony Mous says:

    Tht letr s fucking stpd.

  2. Ben says:

    thanks for using an image from my site =)

    ~Troll.me owner

  3. Liz says:

    Texting “shorthand” only works in a text message. Idiot.

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