Big champs? What the hell is wrong with you?

I have written in the past about how the anonymous tips button on the main website of the company I work for has been a source of great stupidity and, therefore, great humor, because stupidity is funny. The contact us email address for the blog I’m now working on provided a gem of its own today, which should be titled, “How NOT to Pitch a Blog.”

No caption necessary ...

As a result of the major changes announced by Facebook last week, we have done a few write-ups of applications that help users tweak the cover photos of the new Timeline profile, which is slowly being rolled out.

Naturally, developers who have created similar apps want to see their products mentioned, as well. However, this is NOT the way to do it.

Subject line: What’s it take to get a Facebook Cover site mentioned?

Email: Hey guys. I also have a Facebook Cover site that I’d love to see mentioned on AllFacebook. What do you say, big champs?

Big champs? Seriously? Big champs? Hell, why not try sport, dude, homes, kid, slugger, hoss, or meat while you’re at it? Big champs?

Even dumber: If you want someone to look at your app, why wouldn’t you include the URL and the name of the app? Or are the big champs supposed to figure that out themselves.

I hate to tell you this, sweet cheeks, but you’ll be waiting a really long time for that write-up.

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