Two completely random observations from an errand run in Hoboken

A simple walk around Hoboken to run some errands generated two ideas for blog topics, so I’m putting them in the same entry. Why? It’s my blog and I feel like it. So there.

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro in front of Carlo's Bakery

First: My travels took me past Carlo’s Bakery, of Cake Boss fame. Have you ever seen footage from when The Beatles first came to the United States, and teenage girls were screaming at the top of their lungs and completely losing their minds? Bakery owner and reality star Buddy Valastro drew the same reaction by leaning out of his office window to wave to the throngs of people waiting in line. It was deafening, and I’m not exaggerating.

Since Cake Boss took off, there has been quite a bit of anti-Buddy and anti-Carlo’s sentiment around Hoboken. I am not part of that camp. I say get while the getting is good, and I hope they profit as much as they can while they’re still in the limelight. I’ve heard a lot of people say the quality of Carlo’s goods has diminished, and that there are better bakeries in Hoboken. I’m not an expert on the subject (shut up), but I’ve never been dissatisfied with anything I’ve eaten from Carlo’s, including our wedding cake.

I just can’t help but laugh at the people who wait in line, though. The line this afternoon stretched the equivalent of two Manhattan blocks down Washington Street. I like the show, although I’ve tired of it a little — after a while, every episode tends to be the same, including the moment in every episode that seems to be required: Buddy freaking out and yelling, “How am I gonna make this cake?” — but the idea of waiting two to three hours, often in bad weather, to buy pastries or cookies and possibly catch a quick glimpse of someone who’s been on-air, is baffling.

The real morons, however, are the ones who wait in the back alley behind the bakery, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the featured employees loading up a cake into a truck. Really? Seriously? When I walked by today, there were 15-20 people hanging out in a nondescript, dingy alley, all with cameras at the ready. Why? Stalk much?

On to the second, completely unrelated thought: I realize the Hoboken Police Department has plenty on its plate and fewer officers to help reduce the workload, but a crackdown on people talking on cell phones while driving is an absolute necessity. I was in the street for a total of about 40 minutes, walking probably the equivalent of one mile, and witnessed two situations that were dangerously close to accidents, including one in which I would have been hit while crossing the street. The common denominator: Both morons were holding cell phones and jabbering away, barely paying attention to the road.

Bimbo driving while jabbering

One white male moron in a blue BMW made a turn without looking while I was crossing, absolutely with the right of way. If you can afford a BMW, I think you can afford a Bluetooth headset, since they’re available for under $15 these days.

The second moron was a white female, driving an old Toyota, who blew right through the stop sign on Jefferson and 1st, also with a cell phone attached to her jaw. While the first near accident rattled me personally, because I was almost the one getting hit, the second one was downright scary. The two cars coming through the intersection missed each other by about a yard, and while I didn’t catch the make of the second car (the one not at fault), I give the driver huge credit for avoiding a collision.

If it is absolutely necessary to yack away while driving, there is enough affordable technology out there to eliminate having to hold the cell phone. Enough is enough already, people. If you hit me, I will kill you, whether it’s in this life or another.

2 comments on “Two completely random observations from an errand run in Hoboken

  1. mel says:

    Point 1. I think the quality of the everyday goods has declined, but the wedding cakes are still good from what I hear (not just from you). 🙂 My client was in line today for 3 hours (got there at 7:30) to see Buddy. Her 15 yr old daughter made her do it.

    Point 2. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. I never use my phone without handsfree while driving. This town needs more enforcement on this issue. Of course, I see a lot of cops on their phones as they drive so maybe that explains the lack of enforcement. 😀

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