Unemployment Nine: Meh

Meh. That just about sums up my mood these days.


I had a really great, really long job interview in early February, which followed a really great, really long phone interview. My potential boss and I seemed to hit it off very well, both professionally and personally, and I was actually called in to interview before the position had even been listed, as I had previously applied for a different position with the company.

While I was told that the job would have to be listed, due to company policy, this was the strongest I’d felt after an interview in my nearly two-and-a-half years of unemployment. The subject matter covered by the magazine and website isn’t something I’m particularly interested in, but it’s far from boring, and if I could draw up a list of job duties I’d like to be tasked with, it would be a perfect match with this position. I really left the office feeling good.

Well, I’m not feeling too good anymore. One of the things that was stressed during both the phone and in-person interviews was that they really wanted someone to start sometime in March, as the person vacating the position was leaving April 1, and they wanted some overlap for training purposes. And yet, on the day between the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day, I have not heard a peep.

I’ve always believed that while I’m a candidate for a job, the best policy is to split the middle between showing no interest at all and acting like the kid in the back of the car who yells “Are we there yet?” every five minutes. I sent a thank-you e-mail the day after my interview. I followed that up with another e-mail at the end of February, as I was actually asked to do, and never got a response. I sent one more e-mail this past Friday, written in a polite and professional manner, trying to determine my status (or lack thereof), and I still haven’t gotten any response whatsoever.

Truthfully, I’m stunned. Anyone who walks out of any interview thinking that they have the job is foolhardy, but I thought I made enough of an impression where even if someone else was selected, I’d be told about it. Neither the phone interview nor the in-person one was a run-of-the-mill interview, and I don’t see myself as a run-of-the-mill candidate.

I realize there’s still a chance that my candidacy isn’t dead, and any number of events could have changed plans at the company, but I’m not hopeful, and I would really like to know one way or the other.

One comment on “Unemployment Nine: Meh

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