Damn those law makers in WAshington

Please follow the advice, k? Thx!

I received yet another gem in my always amusing anonymous tip inbox for the blog I actually get paid to write. As always, unedited:

could you please ask those law makers in WAshington. Why they don’t take a pay cut they sure want everyone else to tighten their belts, they get healthcare the rest of their lives and a big pension ,. so, if we have to cut “Why don’t they?”

The last time I checked, the word “personal secretary” does not appear in the job description for “blogger.” If you want to contact “those law makers in WAshington,” do it yourself, ass hat, and stay out of our anonymous tip box or I’ll hunt you down and feed you your keyboard and mouse.

People get dumber by the second, I swear.

One comment on “Damn those law makers in WAshington

  1. […] are writing the editors of a blog, jackasses. This is not Facebook. This is not the government, including President Obama. Cris Collinsworth does not work […]

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