Spamuary? Spamapocalypse?

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Since right around the middle of January, probably around the 13th, the level of spam e-mails and solicitation phone calls I have received has simply skyrocketed. I know the economy sucks, and desperate times call for desperate measures, but y’all are targeting the wrong person. Fuck off: I haven’t had a full-time job in more than two years and, even if I had extra money, you’re not getting it.


The spam folder in my e-mail account, which stores messages for one week before deleting them, usually has 70-80 e-mails in it. That number has been rising steadily, and the folder currently contains 183 pathetic attempts at trying to sell products nobody wants or scam credit-card or banking information.

And the phone calls have been getting ridiculous. It seems that my good friends at Peconic Bay Marketing have finally received the message (or lack thereof) and realized that if I hadn’t picked up the phone in nearly two years, it wasn’t going to happen. Or, the bastards could have altered what appears on caller ID, but, in any event, not seeing the name Peconic Bay Marketing on my phone brings a smile to my face for a small victory won.

However, Peconic Bay Marketing has been replaced by these particularly persistent fuckers who have been calling me two to three times a day, every single day:

The phone just doesn't stop ...

(760) 526-8572: According to 800notes Directory of Unknown Callers, people who have been unlucky enough to answer the phone have listened to a variety of scams, including an offer to relist business phone numbers on AT&T and the old “you have won a gift certificate” gag. SURE I’ll give you my credit-card information! In fact, one potential victim reported that the person on the other end of the line told them AT&T was taking over Verizon, and they had to switch all of their Verizon accounts over to AT&T. I’m sure Verizon was thrilled with this news.

(506) 151-3391: Again via 800notes Directory of Unknown Callers, this rocket scientist is calling about “continuing your education,” and, in the words of one poster, was guilty of “VERY poor communication skills, language skills, and poor line quality.” Perhaps this person should stop trying to scam people and continue his OWN education. But I suppose that would require effort.

Someone commented on my previous rant about Peconic Bay Marketing, asking why I didn’t just pick up the phone and demand that they stop calling. Well, I have two reasons. One of them is that I feel like being a stubborn prick about it. I didn’t ask for these phone calls, so I don’t feel like I should waste one second of my time dealing with them (yes, this blog entry took more than one second, but it was fun, damn it). The second is that I believe most of these enterprises are connected, and I don’t want them to think they can ever reach me at home, but hey, if they want to keep wasting their resources, go right ahead. You will never get one bit of information or one fraction of a penny out of me, but feel free to keep trying!

2 comments on “Spamuary? Spamapocalypse?

  1. mel says:

    I have a shitton of spam mail now. More than ever. Today I received one from “Pasta Boat” – click here to see the best way to make pasta. WTF

  2. […] I mentioned in an earlier blog post, since mid-January, spam has been completely out of control both on my personal and work e-mail […]

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