Bringing your massege to OBAMA ASAP

My head hurts ...

The “send an anonymous tip” e-mail feature for the blog I’ve been working on delivered another gem this weekend. Unedited:

Iam proud to be Egyptian Canadian and would like to address my opinion in Egyptian crisis in order to stop violence in Egypt Right now so I have massege to OBAMA how to del with the current situation THX

First off, what makes you think a blog that covers how media companies are using social media and other Web 2.0 technology has a direct pipeline to the president of the United States?

Second, if I did, no offense, but getting myself a full-time job would be Nos. 1-999 on my priority list. I don’t mean to trivialize or minimize the turmoil going on in Egypt. Many people are dying every day, and much damage is being done to the country. But you might want to bring your “massege” to someone who could actually do something with it, in the unlikely event that it actually contains anything useful.

I swear, for every useful e-mail that comes in via that tip button, I get about 500 like the one above. People are morons.

3 comments on “Bringing your massege to OBAMA ASAP

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