New Year’s Eve … whoop de damn doo

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Doing anything special for New Year’s Eve? Got plans for New Year’s Eve? Bite me.

In my younger days, I used to really enjoy New Year’s Eve, but the past few years, it’s become more of an irritant than something to look forward to. I vented about it in a blog five years ago, and my mood toward this holiday has only become darker in the past five years.

From my blog of Dec. 29, 2005:

From my experiences, two things happen on New Year’s Eve: People who rarely drink decide to imbibe heavily due to the “special” occasion and make asses of themselves, and people who drink regularly decide to exceed their usual consumption and make asses of themselves. For the record, I have been guilty of the latter on numerous occasions.

Yet people seem to feel that it’s mandatory to spend $100 to get into a crowded, hot bar, when there’s no way in hell they’ll get up to the bar enough times to drink their $100 worth. Bartenders are often grumpy because most people don’t bother tipping them during all-you-can-drink nights, so they’re in no rush to quench your thirst. Going to the bathroom is a mission. And when it comes down to it, there’s often no difference between the bar on that night and the same bar on any of the other 364 nights of the year, aside from goofy hats and noisemakers.

All of the above still holds true, but, unlike when this was written five years ago, I no longer have my favorite bar as an option, since Ted & Jo’s is no longer with us. Among the many reasons I loved Ted & Jo’s, New Year’s Eve was just another night. There was no outlandish cover charge, and most of the people there were the regulars, whose company I enjoyed on a regular basis. New Year’s Eve was fun there, and the bar is sorely, sorely missed, by myself and countless others.

The past couple of years, my wife and I have had a few people over for dinner and drinks (in the interest of accuracy, she was my girlfriend the first time and my fiancée the second time, so this will be our first New Year’s Eve as husband and wife). It’s been fun — nothing to yell and scream about, but pleasant company, and avoiding all of the things I mentioned above.

So why is it that when someone asked what I did, I feel so lame responding, “Nothing special. We just had a few people over.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I can still throw back quite a few cocktails when the mood strikes me. Just ask anyone who was around after my team won the softball championship, or anyone who’s ever been to a Friday-night Yankees game with me. So it’s not like I’m worried about my reputation, or about people thinking I’ve become old, married and lame (Silence!).

What am I doing for New Year’s Eve? I have no fucking idea. Whatever.

5 comments on “New Year’s Eve … whoop de damn doo

  1. Bald Vinny says:

    wait till you guys have kids…the last few years, i wasn’t even *awake* for the turn of the year

  2. jscirish27 says:

    I was thinking of having a really nice dinner here that night… very low key…

  3. TK says:

    Amen…as long as I’m with my fiance that night, I”m happy.

  4. gogopance says:

    I have zero plans as well (gladly!). But if I get wasted all alone in my apartment and no one is there to see, am I still making an ass of myself? Hmmmm

  5. Deb says:

    Ditto! And I think people who blow $100 bucks to get in a sweat-and-sex infested bar are lame.

    My favorite New Year’s Eve memory includes my mom and aunt making tamales for us, the cracking open of a bottle of champagne, and the watching of Terminator 2.

    I don’t think many people know what’s fun anymore– there’s only “socially acceptable” these days.

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