Good Morning, Mr. Tow Truck Driver!

Most people are not happy to see tow trucks, as it either means their car was parked illegally, leading to aggravation and expenses, or their car is dead or inoperable, also leading to aggravation and expenses. I was watching tow trucks all morning, right in my apartment building’s parking area, just outside of my window, and I was ecstatic.

Happy Tow Truck, Happy 9nine9!

Three cars were removed from my building’s parking area this morning. I normally cringe at the sight of someone’s car being towed, feeling sympathetic toward the car owners, but not this morning.

Our parking area has several assigned spots, but it also has an area in the back where parking is not allowed. Most people use it as emergency parking, for a short time, since parking here in Hoboken is God-awful and often nonexistent. I have absolutely no problem with this, and I’ve done it myself on occasion. But I don’t abuse it: I’ve been in this building about seven years, and I have probably put cars back there 10 times, including overnight twice.

The cars that were towed this morning, however, are owned by people who thoroughly abuse the privilege, for lack of a better word. Seeing the same cars parked illegally day after day after day really wears on my patience, especially when my wife and I are paying for a spot in a garage several blocks from here so we can keep both of our cars (we only have one spot in our building, and the odds of getting a second are negligible, as there are far fewer spots than units).

I really hope I’m fortunate enough to be near the window when these people come home to discover their vehicles gone. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a lengthy, evil cackle.

My only regret is that this action wasn’t taken two months ago, before a former tenant left the building. This former tenant apparently believed that being a rabbi also made him lord and master of the parking area, as he had one spot, but his second car was parked illegally anywhere from 20-25 days per month, and he often had a third vehicle back there, too. I don’t miss having him and his 26 kids in the building, but the look on his face upon realizing that his car was gone would have been priceless. And had it happened on a Friday, like today, he would have had to wait until sundown Saturday to even do anything about it!

Yes, I am evil, and I am culling far too much enjoyment from the misery of others. But this should have happened months ago, and I’m glad we’re not shelling out the cash for a second spot for no reason whatsoever, which sometimes felt like the case.

Give some people an inch, and they take a mile.

One comment on “Good Morning, Mr. Tow Truck Driver!

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