Unemployment Nine: And then there was one, but I’m not sure how I feel about it

It seems only fitting that just a couple of days after the two-year anniversary of my layoff, I lost one of my freelance jobs. And while I will miss the paycheck, I really won’t miss the job.

I was actually impressed by the loyalty they showed, although it cost me my position. The person who had the freelance gig before me had left a few months ago for a full-time job, and, unfortunately for her, found out she was being laid off, so they welcomed her back at my expense. Maybe I should be a little miffed, but I really wasn’t happy there at all, and it almost seems like a weight lifted off my shoulders, even though, as I said earlier, I will miss the money.

I just don’t have patience for the pace of print publications, or the lack thereof. There were too many people looking at every single sentence too many times, which led to a lot of sitting around, waiting, waiting, doing nothing, and more waiting. While some people might consider it a bonus to be paid for nine hours while only actually working for five or six of them, I’d rather work six hours straight, get paid for six hours, and use the other three hours to do something else, whether it’s another job or fun. Sitting around and having no control over the copy flow drove me insane.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s a great publication, with a superb staff, and working there, while I may not have loved it, was a good experience for a number of reasons. But although I was there almost five months, I didn’t have the slightest bit of sadness, or really any emotion, when I left for the last time. I will miss working with my old boss from many, many years ago, who is the reason I got the job in the first place, but I really won’t miss seeing my Thursday nights and Friday nights drip to a slow close while listening to people argue about a phrase that has already been read several different times by several different people. My roots are in print, but it’s just not for me anymore.

Of course, my goal remains unchanged: I want a full-time job. While there are definitely some great things about freelancing, mainly the flexibility, the unpredictability of it is still rattling, even after two years. My efforts haven’t slowed, but, as I said in my last post, the market still sucks: I’m down to sending only 3-5 résumés out per week, and my last interview was in mid-May.

I still have my freelance blogging job, and starting Monday, I’m taking on a new task for them that involves copyediting the daily e-mail newsletter. The money from doing that certainly won’t replace the money from the freelance copyediting job I just lost, but it will help, and I’m hoping that the more involved I stay with this company, the better my chances at landing something full-time there. I truly enjoy this job, and I’m not saying my compensation isn’t fair, but it’s not enough to live off. And, as I have already found out twice, the plug can very easily be pulled on freelance gigs, with little or no notice.

Yeah, so, two years, eight days, and counting …

3 comments on “Unemployment Nine: And then there was one, but I’m not sure how I feel about it

  1. J DUBBS says:

    yup, feeling the unemployment blues and it’s only been a few months…

  2. Deb says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss. But I agree! Better to invest your time and effort into something you love than to have it all sprinkled into something you don’t!

    When one door closes… 🙂

  3. […] me, that information is useless to them. And while I may be unemployed, it doesn’t mean I’m not working, and it doesn’t mean that my time has so little value that it’s worth it for me to waste on […]

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