Old-school spam


I received a spam e-mail on my work account today that harkened back to the typical spam messages of the mid-1990s, when I first joined the online world with my brand-spanking-new AOL account and was pondering whether I needed a CompuServe account, as well, until opening a Netcom account became the more viable solution.

Seriously, this is old-school spam. I haven’t gotten a message like this in about 15 years. I think stuff like this predates the Nigerian banking scheme.

For your reading pleasure, absolutely unedited:

Interested in you,
Hello Dear, I just came across your  and love
to write to you. Am tessy by name, i am really interested
in you for serious long term relationship. Please i will
like to have a serious discussion with you,please contact
me in my email  contact me so that
i will send to you my picture to know who i am. Remember
distance or color does not matter but true love matters a
lot in life.
Yours Love Tessy


2 comments on “Old-school spam

  1. Liz says:

    Let’s shoot straight, if this was a valid message, this person would’ve been blown off due to her seriously deficient writing abilities.

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