The LeBron James aftermath, part 1: Knicks fans and the media are delusional

Now that the most-anticipated free-agent pursuit in sports history has come to an end, with LeBron James’ signing with the Miami Heat, I have to say that I am amazed by the anger and sense of entitlement coming from the New York Knicks organization and fans, as well as the New York media.


Full disclosure: I am a die-hard New Jersey Nets fan, and I absolutely despite the Knicks. I am not happy with the Nets right now, either, but I will address that in a separate post.

But some of the comments I read after LeBron’s decision was announced were downright ignorant.

First off, even though the Knicks may have planned the past two seasons based on clearing salary-cap money to pursue LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, someone please find me a quote from LeBron saying, “I will be a New York Knick.” Knicks fans and the media acted like they were left at the altar. LeBron never made a commitment to the Knicks, yet he was referred to as a traitor on many occasions. Am I missing something?
Cleveland fans have the right to feel left at the altar, and it has to be horrible for them to see a local product (Akron is close enough to Cleveland for LeBron to qualify as local) raise the Cavaliers from the dead, only to leave them for dead. Knicks fans, on the other hand, need to shut the fuck up.

I think one of the reasons why I hate the Knicks as much as I do is the overinflated sense of importance that flows from the top of the organization all the way down to the fans. The Knicks portray themselves as one of the signature franchises in the National Basketball Association, and they think of Madison Square Garden as a basketball mecca. Why?

The Knicks last won the NBA championship in 1973, when I was five years old. Since then, the Knicks have been to two NBA Finals, including one that was a total fluke, when they only squeaked into the playoffs as a No. 8 seed because of a lockout-shortened season, and they only beat the No. 1 seed Heat because of a lucky chuck and heave toward the basket by Allan Houston, one of the most overrated shooting guards in the history of the league. During the same time period, the Nets, often ridiculed as lower-class citizens, have been to the same number of NBA Finals: two. And the Nets earned both appearances.

Plus, the Nets’ run of success was much more recent. Just a few short years ago, 2006-07, the Nets beat a tough Toronto team four games to two in the first round, and then lost a hard-fought series to , coincidentally, LeBron and the Cavaliers, four games to two. The Knicks, meanwhile, have not been to the postseason since 2003-04, when they needed to remove brooms from their asses after being swept by the Nets.

Let’s face it: The New York Bricks haven’t been relevant since game seven of the 1993-94 NBA Finals, when John Starks, another vastly overrated bum, shot 2-for-18 and handed the Larry O’Brien Trophy to the Houston Rockets.

Yet Knicks management, fans and media parade around acting like it would be a privilege for any NBA player to join their sacred team and play on the sacred hardwood of Madison Square Garden. Seriously? Why?

Stop all of your fucking crying already. LeBron isn’t coming here. Deal with it. Other than people who are part of the Miami Heat organization or fans of that club, no one is happy with the decision LeBron made. But stop acting like your team was entitled to anything. The Knicks are NOT a model franchise. They are a sad joke, and they suck.

5 comments on “The LeBron James aftermath, part 1: Knicks fans and the media are delusional

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  2. DaQuinn Smiff says:

    are you stupid. no one said MSG is the mecca. its NEW YORK thats the mecca. learn your history. ny is the mecca because plenty of basketball players in the nba came from ny. and like OTHER PLACES. we despise lebron for leaving the cavs cus of alot of reasons. he is not loyal to his home place unlike other players. look at other players like dirk, rudy, wade, etc. they stayed cus their loyalty to the team. and lebron just proved that he is DESPERATE. i understand that everyone is aiming for that ring. but still, is he really that desperate that he needs a ring just to prove hes the best in the business? BECAUSE OF JOINING THE MIAMI HEAT. he wont be considered the best because hell always be 1 ring behind WADE. and will not surpass jordan. stop hating on the knicks cus the nets arent going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. bobby6465 says:

    Nets suck Fucking Nigger Dick. the knicks are 100 times better than the nets and everyone who likes the nets is a cock sucking douche bag. Nobody ever wanted lebron cause he sucks donkey dick and shoves barbed wire up his ass. im glad amar’e is in new york cause he whoops ass compared to new jersey. nets won like 9 games last year that fuckin embarrassing. at least the knicks are gonna make the playoffs this year good luck with those nets, buddy.

  4. justin says:


  5. Dominic says:

    I hate Miami Heat CELTICS RULE!!!!!!!

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