Unemployment Nine: It’s on the résumé, dipshit


Applying for jobs is a stressful enough experience, and sadly, I’m old enough to remember having to steal the Help Wanted section from the neighbor’s Sunday New York Times, circle ads with a pen, print out cover letters and résumés on “good paper,” and send them out via old-fashioned snail mail.

The process is obviously much easier online for most companies. But the exceptions are enough to make me want to leave the laptop and head for the liquor cabinet.

My biggest pet peeve: Companies that make you fill out long online forms where all you’re doing is typing all of the information that appears on your résumé. Seriously, is there a point to this?

Some companies have automated forms that lift the information off the résumé, so all that applicants have to do is check it for accuracy. That’s still slightly annoying, but at least it makes sense.

But for the companies that think us unemployed folk have nothing better to do than sit around and retype our résumés: Seriously? Why? What is the point of attaching a résumé AND retyping all of the information contained within?

We’re going through enough. Give us a break on the busy work.

One comment on “Unemployment Nine: It’s on the résumé, dipshit

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