Unemployment Nine: Unmotivated

I don’t know what the problem is, but I have absolutely zero enthusiasm to do any work this week, and I’m really finding this to be a struggle. Even the enjoyable and important parts of both of my freelance jobs have been difficult to deal with, much more so than usual.

I feel like 8-Ball this week

I’m not looking for sympathy here. Let’s face it: Nobody wants to work. I’m sure there are times when even Derek Jeter looks up to the sky, rolls his eyes and says, “Fuck THIS shit,” and he gets to play baseball and bang supermodels for a living. It’s quite clear that given the choice of a seat at a waterfront bar with a cool breeze and a cold drink, or a seat in a cubicle, no one in their right mind would choose the latter.

But I’m a hard worker, and I usually don’t have to fight off such an overpowering lack of desire to do anything resembling work.

The timing of this sucks, too, because I only have a week-and-a-half of full-time work left on my newest freelance job before gearing down to two days per week, so I have to be diligent while the opportunity to make big money — or what qualifies for big money these days, which, sadly, still pales in comparison to what I made before my layoff — is still there.

Does anyone else, whether full-time or freelance, find themselves having to deal with periods like this? What’s the solution? Any tips?

I’ll get through this next week-and-a-half and be fine, but I need to shake off what’s becoming a perpetual case of the Mondays, to steal an Office Space line.

3 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Unmotivated

  1. Jill Dobson says:

    I had a few days like that lately…decided to do some web surfing and catch up on some personal stuff at work then woo-la kicked back in and got more done in 3 days than I do in some weeks! Just give yourself a little break and you’ll be back in the game. It can be VERY frustrating! You know I know….Love to ya honey!

  2. L says:

    I picture my boss finding out I’m getting nothing done and firing my ass. And the resultant inability to pay my bills. That usually gets me in gear.

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