Maybe he meant the Twitter Fire Hose?

I got the following e-mail at the address I use for my part-time blogging position. The blog is about how media companies use social-networking sites, and related trends and topics. So naturally, I have yards aplenty of fire hose to sell. The picture was actually attached with the e-mail. People are really fucking dumb. The unedited e-mail:

Mr. Jay lee wants THIS fire hose!

Good Day,

Am Mr. Jay lee and i will like to buy your Fire Hose i have Attached the picture of the item i need before purchasing it,I will like to know if you have it in stock and if you dont i will be glad if you list the types that you have including their prices…Moreover i will like to know the type of paymnet you accept…Hope to hear from you soon…

Jay lee.

Don’t hold your breath, Jay lee, or you may need a paramedic instead of a fire hose. Moron.

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