Unemployment Nine: A loud, emphatic BAH!

I’ve often compared this 16-month journey of unemployment to a roller coaster, and unfortunately, the roller coaster is heading downhill again, and quickly.

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I still haven’t heard a peep from the company I interviewed with three weeks ago, despite sending a follow-up e-mail to see where they were in the process. I really felt particularly bullish about this interview, marking only the second time since my layoff that I’ve felt so strongly. While I’m not giving up yet, not hearing a word has been discouraging.

The number of job listings, which had surged with the beginning of the new year, has slowed to a trickle. I don’t know if it was just a flurry of new jobs due to 2010 budgets, but whatever caused the uptick seems to have waved goodbye.

I’ve complained in the past about job listings getting more and more specific, with companies seeking to find the perfect candidate. Hey, it’s their right: They have exponentially more candidates to choose from, and they can do what they want. But the point I made more than one year ago that I’d like to make again is that subject matter can be learned, but the ability to express it clearly, cleanly and error-free, as well as with some flair and some search-engine-friendly terms, can’t be learned anywhere near as quickly. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve skipped over some jobs that I would normally apply to because, even though I’m fully confident I can handle the work load, when they ask, “Do you have six years’ experience covering the mating habits of the Himalayan Horned Toad?,” I have to be honest and say that I don’t.

I’m just over two months away from my wedding, and while I will not let any of this crap ruin our wedding or our honeymoon, it’s still difficult to completely block the thought that while I will be having the time of my life in Hawaii, it will also represent not only two weeks with no money coming in from my part-time job, as well as two weeks where absolutely nothing will happen in my job search.  Not that I would change anything about my proposal, but I never in my worst, most glum moods thought when I proposed in August that I’d still be out of work on our wedding day, and that reality is staring me dead in the face.

This is really starting to suck. Something needs to change, and quickly.

2 comments on “Unemployment Nine: A loud, emphatic BAH!

  1. johnozed says:

    I can definitely relate. I’ve been out of work since July 2009 and though it hasn’t been the 16 months you’ve experienced it still weighs heavily on the mind. It’s not easy. I’ve been unemployed before but not for this long. Good luck!

  2. […] see any way this can possibly be taken as good news. Granted, my mood on the subject has been a bit dour of late, but when job sources start cutting jobs, I just have to shake my head. Categories: business, […]

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