iPad, Kindle, or neither?

I am generally a big fan of new technology. I don’t embrace every new product, gadget, application or Web site that comes along, but for the most part, I find new stuff cool. Yet I have no desire whatsoever to invest in either an Apple iPad or an Amazon Kindle.

Apple iPad

Do they have some cool features? Absolutely. Do I think they’re silly, useless or unnecessary? Not in the least. As someone who tends to lean toward Apple, I’d probably go with the iPad if I had to choose between the two, even though the iPad is considerably more expensive ($499-$829, versus $259-489 for the Kindle). What can I say? Apple is cool.

Here’s my issue: While both devices have multiple functions, the main reason for buying either involves reading, whether it’s reading newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, or whatever. And I wouldn’t want to have to worry about an expensive electronic device in the places where I do most of my reading.

The throne: I’m not trying to be gross, but some of my best reading, as well as some of my best thinking (shut up!), takes place while sitting on the throne. The bathroom is no place for an expensive electronic device.

In bed: I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to try to hold an iPad or a Kindle and read it while resting in bed. I could be wrong about this one, but I’m a little skeptical.

Amazon Kindle 2

At lunch: Whether I’m working a full-time job or working part-time from home (my current situation), I usually treat myself to what I call one “fat bastard” lunch per week, where I completely separate myself from my computer and indulge in some gross but fun fast food – Wendy’s, Five Guys, White Mana. I always take that time to read the paper while I eat. I would never run the risk of getting French-fry grease, ketchup or soda on an iPad or a Kindle.

The beach: I’m always nervous about having my cell phone at the beach. Hell, I don’t even like having my $29 radio near the sand when I listen to Yankee games on the beach. I’d be terrified to have a delicate electronic device there.

So, I think I’ll pass on an iPad or a Kindle for now. Oh, yeah, and the fact that I’m dead-ass broke might also have a little something to do with that.

3 comments on “iPad, Kindle, or neither?

  1. Flukioh says:

    I was on the fence for months before I finally decided to order my Kindle 2. I had been reading such mixed reviews about the device and about Amazon’s customer service that I simply could not decide about the purchase. This review is for all of those people, like me, that cannot decide if they need a Kindle 2 for themselves. Well, struggle with the decision no more and ORDER IT! I am so happy with my Kindle 2 and I look forward to reading it every single day. All of the problems that I was worried about are not problems at all. Downloading books is easy, the screen is NOT too dark, the font size is adjustable and the Kindle customer service support is terrific. I had a problem with my Kindle 2 and I was instantly connected with the most helpful representative. I did not have to wait on hold and the problem was solved in no time. I have made the highest recommendations of the Kindle 2 to my friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. I can say with absolute confidence, if you order your own Kindle 2 you will not be disappointed!!!

  2. permatasari says:

    i like this gadget (ipad), many high tech features offering. Good…

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