Unemployment Nine: Three-day weekend? Oh, joy …

Working part-time leads to a completely different mindset than receiving a salary. Slow days while working on salary are a true blessing, enabling clean-up tasks that usually fall by the wayside, attending to personal business (come on, now, everyone does that at work to some degree, and anyone who says they don’t is full of crap) or just taking a deep breath and relaxing a bit. Slow days while working per-story, however, are not the least bit enjoyable, because the money that could be made on a normal day seems like it’s doing the opposite of the stack of bills with eyes in the annoying Geico commercials and running away while flipping the bird.

Not very different from the current state of my wallet

Holidays, like this past Monday (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day), are even worse. People in my situation can’t really afford to go anywhere for the weekend, so what’s left is often a wasted day when not a penny is added to monthly earnings. Sitting at a pool bar sipping a frozen cocktail is an enjoyable day off. Going food shopping and running errands is not. Cancun is cool. Secaucus is not.

Before anyone starts in about holidays like Veteran’s Day and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day having deeper meaning, I won’t argue the validity of that point except to say: Let’s be serious. Whether you believe it’s right or wrong, the majority of people treat those holidays as days off and nothing more, and that’s an argument for another forum.

For those who don’t know me and/or aren’t regular readers, I’m getting married April 25. I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii since around age eight or nine, and that’s where we’re headed for our honeymoon. I absolutely cannot wait, and I intend to enjoy every single second of this trip and not let anything else going on in my life affect what will be a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

But I still can’t help thinking, in the deepest recesses of the back of my mind, that while we’re there, I will go two full weeks without making one dime, unless my luck turns in the next couple of months. That’s a little scary.

6 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Three-day weekend? Oh, joy …

  1. Jill Steel says:

    I feel ya sweetie!

  2. Deb says:

    Oy, don’t lose hope! I still think Pisces will have a much better year than the past two and, trust me, I’ve come to know of plenty of Pisceans who’ve wanted to shoot something from late 2007 all the way up to, uh, recently.

  3. […] I will be having the time of my life in Hawaii, it will also represent not only two weeks with no money coming in from my part-time job, as well as two weeks where absolutely nothing will happen in my job search.  Not that I would […]

  4. […] freelance basis, although it’s perfectly logical. I hate the fact that taking time off, or even a holiday, means forfeiting potential earnings, unlike working on a permanent basis, on salary, when holidays […]

  5. […] Another example: The magazine had just wrapped up an incredible 25th-anniversary issue (and I’m not just saying that because of my minimal contributions to it — it really was a fantastic issue). The following week, an e-mail went around giving staffers one extra Monday off during the summer as a reward. Again, good for them, but it didn’t do a damn thing for me. I don’t work on Mondays anyway and, even if I did, taking a day off means forfeiting money. […]

  6. […] guessed it, the newer freelance job. I love Thursday-afternoon ball games, but I can’t afford to give up a day’s pay to go to […]

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