Unemployment Nine: Two middle fingers up to Nerkena

I know the week is early, but my double-middle-finger salute for the week goes out to Nerkena, which describes itself as “an American supplier of quality automotive repair equipment and repair shop tools at discount prices since 1996 to automobile dealers, body and repair shops, fleet and valet services, home/hobbyists, and virtually anybody in the auto sales/services industry.”


No, I didn’t suddenly develop a grudge toward automobile hobbyists. Rather, an unsolicited e-mail prompted my two-fingered salute to Nerkena.

The e-mail was sent to the address that I’ve been using during my search for a job and, while I was pretty sure it was a fake right away due to the salary, I decided to click through, for shits and giggles.

The e-mail read:

Hello! We found your resume placed at the site interesting! Nerkena company needs Editor. Salary – 162000 USD.

Sincerely yours, HR-consultant.

Barrett Pierce

Nerkena Inc.


If this company is going to send out e-mails with the English language mangled, they certainly do need an editor, but I thought $162,000 was a trifle high considering my discovery last week of an ad for an editor in chief position that was paying a paltry $55,000.

Needless to say, the link was thoroughly useless, bringing me to an even more useless Website that, as stated above, claimed to sell auto-repair equipment but was covered with nothing but related Google ads. And also needless to say, there was nothing resembling a job listing anywhere on the site.

To Nerkena, or whoever the source of this e-mail was: If you’re going to stoop so low as to dangle a job offer to someone who’s unemployed in an effort to get them to visit your site, how about at least having a site worth visiting? Better yet, how about sticking your poorly worded, unreadable fraud of an e-mail where the sun doesn’t shine and leaving myself and the rest of the unemployed alone?

This e-mail was truly shameful.

4 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Two middle fingers up to Nerkena

  1. I too received this same email from Nerkena! What a total disappointment! I have been looking for a job for the longest time, and was excited that this was a potential lead. I agree with your sentiments exactly!! hear hear!!

    • UnKnown says:

      YES to both of you! Congratz on standing up to this bs email! I thank you both for your message and letting me know it was fake shhht. The link they provided me was actually not connected to anything. I appreciate you saving my time and my apologies Ms. Clifton, as well as the others, for falling into this trap. I am also in your career situation and Wish you Best of luck in your career pursuit…hang in there! With hope, persistancy, and faith, we Will get that job to support our family. God Bless

  2. Carlton Russell says:

    DITTO, I actually tried to contact them, foolish me. Noone needas this kind of crap in these times. -CR

  3. Heather says:

    I just got this email today. Same guy, different position, different page, but same lame strategy.

    Hello! We found your resume placed at the site interesting! Erblane company needs Administrative. Salary – 37000 USD.

    Sincerely yours, HR-consultant.
    Barrett Pierce
    Erblane, Inc.

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