Peconic Bay Marketing: Seriously, give up already

I have been waging an 18-month-plus battle of attrition with a particularly annoying telemarketing outfit called Peconic Bay Marketing, so I figured I’d have a little fun with them and blog about it.

To Peconic Bay Marketing

To Peconic Bay Marketing

Much like anyone with an IQ above room temperature and at least minimal social skills, I despise telemarketers. I blogged about a particularly irritating run-in with one of them in December. And while the National Do-Not-Call Registry has been somewhat helpful, it hasn’t completely eliminated the problem.

But Peconic Bay Marketing is far more annoying than the organization from December. I had a history with the December folks, having donated to a worthy cause while I was still gainfully employed. And there are no hard feelings: Once I’m working full-time again, if they happen to contact me, I’d donate again.

Peconic Bay Marketing, on the other hand, has no connection to me whatsoever. Yet they have called me anywhere from three to five times per week, every single week, since about a year-and-a-half ago. I swear, I am NOT making this up, nor am I exaggerating. Peconic Bay Marketing shows up on my caller ID more than just about any other name or company.

I don’t treat Peconic Bay Marketing any differently than I treat any other strangers who call on my home phone. If I don’t recognize the person or phone number, I let it go right into voice mail. But not once in the hundreds of times this company has called have I ever received a voice mail from them. And I absolutely, positively refuse to pick up the phone. I WILL win this battle of attrition.

What really intrigues me is how much time and money this company has wasted trying to contact me. How many times can they call the same number, not get an answer, and keep calling back? Apparently, whatever that magical total is, it hasn’t been reached yet. But I still refuse to pick the phone up. And I never will.

So, Peconic Bay Marketing, feel free to keep calling three, four, or five times every week. You’re wasting your time, which should have been obvious months ago. Oh, and one more thing: GET BENT.

40 comments on “Peconic Bay Marketing: Seriously, give up already

  1. Lynne says:

    Get bent indeed. I applaud your efforts in fighting the good fight against these morons.

    • Solved in Virginia says:

      Folks have I got some news for you. Have any of you ever looked in detailed at your phone bills from the exact same known time you received one of these calls? If you have it probably just listed it the same way verizon had mine listed…just 1 minute and that’s it. Guess what???

      That’s not the way it works on a smartphone!!

      Now before I go into any detail here, you will have to answer a question to yourself….honestly. Around the time you started receiving these calls, did you do anything to your spouse, your co-worker, a best friend, etc. that could possibly lead them to believe you were doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing….whether it was cheating, stealing, scheming, drugs, you name it??

      Well you can probably see where this is going now, but just to make sure…….. Peconic Bay M is the number that calls repeatedly, at first, and appears to just hang up. Well, all I know is that on my smartphone, which is quite “incredible” (cheap plug, because I’m so happy right now!), I could hear an electronic beep of some sort.

      After over almost 48 hours of continues searching and plugging away just so I could prove to my lying, conniving, back stabbing wife of 16 years that I knew she was responsible for “spyware” on my phone. Battery draining crazy quick, data usage almost double from last month, apps running funny and the shut down time took longer than I remember too. You see, she thought I was cheating on her,because for the past 15 months, I have withdrawn from friends and family (and fully admit this, I have!) and there are many, many other factors here, but that is the gist of things. Anyway, I was able to prove that it was spyware, she did it, and then lied on top of it to try and cover up.

      If you have a smart phone, I’ll tell you how I proved it was spyware. The call comes in for less than 10 seconds, but gets logged as 1 minute on your bill. Well, I looked at all the times I was called (several times in a matter of 20-30 minutes) and all of which show up when I do a detail call history of that number on my phone. HOWEVER! When I looked at my phone bill, there was only ONE….sometimes maybe TWO calls that showed up and for only a minute. I couldn’t understand why the others weren’t showing up during that same time?

      Well I then looked at me data usage from the same time and BAMO!!!!

      It was one call for one minute, data usage for 5 or 6….the a call again (but only showing up on phone (not my bill) for 00:00 minutes and then instantly another long several minute suck on the data! And went on several times a day for several days in a row.

      It may have cost 1.99 to search that stupid ass number, but I wanted a name to put with it….even though it’s probably bogus anyway. I am 100% certain it is spyware related though, and I have the proof.

      Know….it’s 6:55 a.m., I just finished typing, I’ve been up for over 46 hours straight, and I don’t know that I have ever felt so alive…..because I get to go home and shove this right in my wife’s face 🙂 life really is good I guess.

      Oh yeah, and the e-mail address this is attached to….it’s hers. Just in case anyone may want “Thank” her. 🙂

      Then I looked at the data numbers, and sure enough

  2. Deb says:

    Me too!

    God, I can’t wait to read a rant about the random websites that contact you, persistently– and I mean PERSISTENTLY– and hang up when you pick up the phone. Well, either they hang up or entertain you with an automated message (among my favorites)!


  3. glenn says:

    I’m with you – I never pick up…..guess they have unlimitd payroll to annoy people

  4. Scucci says:

    These people are not only calling my house but also my wife’s cell phone number & sometimes saying some nasty things… This is definitely serious harassment I am glad someone is speaking up about it..

  5. tut says:

    They just called me and asked to speak to my parents, which is when I told them I am an adult and hung up. I live alone.

  6. D says:

    You people are ridiculous… First off not picking up your phone doesnt do anything. If you were just to pick up that phone call ONCE and say put me on the do not call list or ask to speak to a supervisor you would not recieve anymore phone calls……

    • Adam says:

      Doesn’t work.

    • peconicbaysuxbalz says:

      I politely ask to be placed on their do not call list and I was promptly hung up on by the douche bag on the other end. After that fateful “conversation” the calls actually increased from a couple of times a week to every single day! Only difference is when I pick up the phone there is nobody on the other end. It’s like the call gets automatically dropped after a couple seconds. If this is there way of “not calling” I’m going to lose my mind and probably drive to their office and act a fool! And I hate acting a fool… However, I found this page and filled out the form to be placed on their in-house do not call list. I also registered on the National Do Not Call Registry.

    • Emmy says:

      I asked them to put me on the do not call list multiple times but they hang up when I do so.

    • Ever Knight says:

      You’re ridiculous if you really think that’s all it takes. well ridiculous or delusional, and a tad judgmental…take your pick.

  7. Char says:

    seriously, my finger raised along with yours! this company has called 4 times a week for over a year. we do not answer, nor have we in the past year. we terminated our home voicemail specifically because of Peconic Bay M. So, they get no answer, no voicemail, yet persist in calling and calling and calling and calling and calling and calling……………

  8. jeff blond says:

    dude just go to their web site and request to be removed responce is immediate. i do like your blog its almost a shame but please post the link on how to remove yourself. (only put your phone number you dont have to put your email address) GOD knows what they will do with it.

    • eileen says:

      i have gone on their website twice in the past month to request to be taken off their list. the phone calls continue! i filed a complaint with the fcc today. enough is enough of these stupid calls when no one is ever there if i answer, and if i don’t there is no message. what a waste of time and energy.

  9. diana says:

    I’m right with you! I effin hate them… they are sooo annoying!

  10. Joe D says:

    I get calls from them also several times a week! Can someone advise, is it better to answer and leave the phone off the hook- hopefully tying up their phone line for a while?


    I HAVE BEEN GETTING CALLS FROM THEM FOR MONTHS – sometimes twice a day – i have tried leaving the phone on, but it automatically disconnects – glad there are others out there.

  12. todd says:

    ugh! thanks for the do not call link, i’m trying it now.

    What i can’t understand is why they hang up every single day, like maybe they’re getting paid by their clients by the number of pickups, but just dont give a shit if they’re actually relaying whatever marketing message the client has paid for.

    This morning I finally got someone on the line when i picked up and they were telling me about free delivery of the New York Daily News. They hung up on me when i asked to be removed from their list. This company is clearly not going to be stopping their terrible practices, but the clients who are paying them should also be faulted for keeping them in business and turning a blind eye to the way they do business.

  13. John Ramos says:

    Ever think maybe that the Peconic Bay Marketing company has been trying to reach you to schedule an interview?? HAHAHAHAHAA dumbass funny thing is while theyre employed probably by the hour obviously you continue to mention being unemployed… loser

    • John Ramos says:

      OH and by the way the National Do-Not-Call registry is absolutely uselss and is just another violation of our Free Speech rights.. how bout the National “I wont answer” registry instead????

    • 9nine9 says:

      Since I have no experience in sales or marketing, NO, DOUCHEBAG, the thought of an interview never crossed my mind. And in this economy, do you really think ANY employer would call ANY potential employee more than twice? Fucking moron.

  14. Aramjeet Agnihotri says:

    i feel like printing this picture above and mail it the woman who called my 718-343-1898

  15. Alicia says:

    I have been receiving calls from Peconic Bay Marketing for the last 7 or 8 months. I am on the national do not call list as well and I have had no luck in putting an end to this annoyance. Thanks for attempting. I hope the entire company goes under.

  16. jason jenkins says:

    I use to work for peconic bay marketing you don’t know how annoying it was calling people for four hours a day to people who could care less about buying a newspaper I left about a year and a half ago and will mos def never go back

  17. […] the phone calls have been getting ridiculous. It seems that my good friends at Peconic Bay Marketing have finally received the message (or lack thereof) and realized that if I hadn’t picked up the […]

  18. mad heated says:

    this is da person who put me on that peconic bay m bullshit #917-378-4430 ….. give them a few words for all of us

  19. 4everyoung says:

    i got u dude

  20. John says:

    OK, found some info to call them and harass them!!

    Technical Contact:
    Faxon, John
    Peconic Bay Marketing
    1670 via bianca
    punta gorda, Florida 33950
    United States
    +1.9416371191 Fax — +1.9416371191

  21. Dominic says:

    Found this blog while researching the caller that won’t quit: Pelonic Bay M.
    For those about to pull out their hair, think Panasonic.
    Newer phone answering machines have caller block. You bring up the call on the caller ID, press two buttons, confirm and that number gets a single ring and then they are gone for good. Caller gets a fast busy signal I think.
    My set only blocks ten, but I see you can block 100 with the upscale model. Ten at a time works, when you add the 11th the oldest one rolls off. Seems the oldest has usually given up on your number being a working number by then.
    No, no stock in Panasonic, just love their phones.
    KX-TG9341S if anybody want’s to know, about three years old.
    Now, don’t go doing this to the ex wife, that would be mean.

  22. Dominic says:

    Found this blog while researching the caller that won’t quit: Pelonic Bay M.
    For those about to pull out their hair, think Panasonic.
    Newer phone answering machines have caller block. You bring up the call on the caller ID, press two buttons, confirm and that number gets a single ring and then they are gone for good. Caller gets a fast busy signal I think.
    My set only blocks ten, but I see you can block 100 with the upscale model. Ten at a time works, when you add the 11th the oldest one rolls off. Seems the oldest has usually given up on your number being a working number by then.
    No, no stock in Panasonic, just love their phones.
    KX-TG9341S if anybody want’s to know, about three years old.
    Now, don’t go doing this to the ex wife, that would be just awful.

  23. Tony Tiger says:

    I found out who they are!!!
    Send a letter of complaint to the NY State Attorney Generals office to get it stopped! Tell them they cal an just hang up several times a day and when you call the company they deny it. That will stop them!
    Peconic Bay Marketing
    1055 Portion Rd. Suite 12W
    Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
    (631) 738 – 1299
    Fax 631-738-1240

  24. M. Hayes says:

    Constant calls..I never answer a call from a number I don’t recognize..if no message is left I block that number on my phone..when they do call it rings once then is blocked! Still irritates me to get the one ring but I just now went to their Take Me Off Call List and requested they remove my # from the list. If this doesn’t work I’ll report them to FCC..I’ve done this several times and IT WORKS if nothing else does!

  25. Forrest says:

    I just started receiving these calls yesterday. So far, they’ve called twice (I do not answer).

    I have an iPhone 4S, with several apps loaded — I’m concerned about the above reference to “spyware” being involved. I’ve had an issue before with something about the PayPal app (another story) – Apple cleverly avoided it when I called them on it.

    Can you provide more details where you believe there is spyware involved?

    Otherwise, I can only imagine where they obtained my number – it would have to be through some data source from something I purchased online, as this number is unlisted anyway. It is also now in the Do Not Call Registry (a lot of good that will do).

  26. Forrest says:

    I was thinking about this, how about payback? We all band together, block our Caller IDs and give them a load of calls. Crank calls, too? 🙂 What are they going to do, sue? LOL

  27. Jon says:

    these guys are worse than a case of herpes (which i do not have) but i am now trying to get ride of these A-holes. I want a law that gives out the number of the caller themesleves and not just the company so I can call them 100 times a day.

  28. Shelly says:

    Oh my gosh! Good to know I am not alone. This same company has been calling my place of business at least 3 times a week for as long as I can remember. Since I am the person who answers the phone and have caller ID, I stopped taking their calls and let the answering machine pick up. Of course they don’t leave a message….just hang up. Nice to know I am not alone. They are annoying! And yes, we are on the National Do Not Call Registry for all the good it does.

    • forrie says:

      You gotta record the number they are calling from and trace it to who owns the routing, then lodge a lot of complaints. What I have found is companies like Peconic (who are clearly and willfully breaking the law) usually try to find vulnerable SIP (VoIP) equipment and route calls through them, illegally — difficult to trace. Most of these companies are using portable VoIP equipment which can route anywhere. What’s worse is I’ve found it difficult to get ACCURATE information about who currently owns the particular calling prefix block. That information is not as readily available as, for example, IP address information.

  29. Jo says:

    Well for all of you people that are complaining about this company I actually worked there and it’s not like they are hanging up on you on purpose it’s an automatic system that dials the phone numbers for you and if the system doesn’t detect a voice or sound it automatically disconnects the call and goes to the next one. Also we were not ALLOWED to leave messages on voice mails. ALSO FOR ALL YOU NASTY PEOPLE OUT THERE SAYING ALL THESE DISGUSTING THINGS ABOUT PRANKING THEM OR TAKING THE COMAPNY DOWN JUST REMEMBER THIS IS SOMEONES JOB I BET YOU THEY DONT WANT TO ANNOY YOU. IM SURE YOU ANNOY PEOPLE WHERE YOU WORK TOO SO REMEMBER KARMA IS A BITCH AND WILL COME BACK AND GET YOU WITHOUT ANYONE EVEN DOING ANYTHING !!!!!!

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