The last …

I’ve never been good about things that involve “the last,” as in, “the last time I’ll ever go here,” or, “the last time I’ll ever see this.” But I’ve had to deal with quite a few instances of it over the past year-and-a-half or so.

I went to my favorite Hoboken bar, Ted & Jo’s, for the last time at the end of March 2008. The bar unfortunately closed, and the space is still empty and probably will be for quite some time. I still don’t really have a new bar, although Zeppelin Hall, the new beer garden in Jersey City, is quickly becoming a staple. I love The Shannon, but not so much on weekends, when the crowd is much younger.

I went to Yankee Stadium for the last time almost a year ago. Although I’ve started to enjoy the new ballpark more and more, I still miss the old ballpark terribly and wish the team had never moved. The new Stadium is nice, but the old one was home.

I went to my desk at my old job of 13 ½ years for the last time. I didn’t have any time to think about this one, as getting laid off was shocking and completely unexpected. I hadn’t been happy at my old job for quite some time, but I still think there would have been some sadness if I had the opportunity to leave on my own terms. The last year-and-a-half were pretty tough to deal with, as I was forced to leave the publication I had spent 12 years with and move to one where I didn’t fit in at all, but 13 ½ years at one company is still a pretty long time, and there were some nice memories mixed in with the bad ones.

I spent my last day as a single man July 31, but I couldn’t be happier about that and wouldn’t change a thing.

And last weekend, I spent what might have been my last weekend at my old beach house on Long Beach Island. I actually think from talking to the people who are still involved that the house will probably continue next year, but you never know. There’s a lot of change going on. People are taking new jobs, moving, getting involved in serious relationships, and the possibility always exists that I’ve spent my last night in the ugly monstrosity that I loved so much for seven summers.

Saying goodbye to things is tough, even if it’s for the better sometimes.

Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island

3 comments on “The last …

  1. jscirish27 says:

    Goodbyes are always tough, but you have had a few hello’s this year too. Here’s to more nights of Stein-hoists, beerblasts, Bruce, and Baseball!

  2. Jill Steel says:

    Lots of great memories in that house! I’m with ya on the lasts! They’re rough and the future can be scary! But those things that have scared me the most in my life have ended up being my favorite things 🙂
    I do miss the hell out of you though! See you in 3 weeks!!!! 🙂
    PS…you must come down Thurs night for the water taxi n party so I can actually spend some quality time w. you before this thing w. 150 people that we call a wedding 🙂

  3. Deb says:


    Whenever a door has closed, it’s pissed me off, initially. However, after each closed door came a new door to open which has excited me. Eventually. And I just wouldn’t trade that excitement for anything else. Keeps life spicy :)!

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