The 2009 New York Yankees: 162 road games

Even though my Yankees lost both games I attended in Philadelphia over Memorial Day weekend, overall, I had a pretty decent holiday, especially for my first Memorial Day since 2000 without a beach house.

Phillies fan (cant say I disagree with his jersey)

Phillies fan (can't say I disagree with his jersey)

Wait … what’s that you say? The games were in the Bronx, not Philadelphia? Well, you could have fucking fooled me.

The number of Phillies fans in the ballpark Friday night and Sunday afternoon — naturally, the only game I didn’t attend was the only game the Yankees won — was even more excessive than the number of Boston fans earlier this month.

It was so excessive that when I got on the PATH train to return to Hoboken Friday night, there was only one other Yankees fan on the car, and the rest of the people were Philadelphia fans, which led my girlfriend to ask, “Is this the Broad Street line?”

And the ferry from Hoboken to Yankee Stadium Sunday was even worse. The boat carried, without question, two-thirds to three-quarters Phillies fans. As my girlfriend pointed out, it wasn’t a ferry: It was a pherry. And I phucking hate it.

T-shirt from

T-shirt from

First off, while Red Sux fans can go get bent, I have no problem with Phillies fans. I’d probably hate a lot of them during football season, because my hatred for the Eagles is beyond irrational, but I really don’t have a problem with them during baseball season, and they certainly did nothing wrong by buying tickets to this past weekend’s games.

Second, I have no problem with Yankees fans who sold their tickets. Many of us were forced into buying full season tickets in order to have seats with a view of something other than a urinal, which is why there are so many tickets on the market.

I just hope the Yankees’ “brain trust” (it was hard to type that with a straight face) sees what they’ve created. There’s absolutely no home-field advantage anymore. When chants of “Let’s go Red Sox” and “Let’s go Phillies” drown out the fans of the home team, this is a serious problem.

I know the team’s management more than likely doesn’t give a rat’s ass, since the tickets are sold, which is all they care about. And that’s the sad part: Yes, baseball is a business, but this organization has managed to drain every last drop of fun out of being a Yankees fan. Feeling like a visiting fan in my own ballpark sucks ass.

5 comments on “The 2009 New York Yankees: 162 road games

  1. Dean says:

    Last year there would have been 57,000 at each game. This year there were 47,000 (pathetic that these games didn’t even fill the house…)a game – approx – of which, say, 20,000 were Philly fans. Maybe there would have been 5,000 Philly fans in the Old Stadium, leaving 52,000 Yankee fans, putting us at some 25,000 LESS YANKEE FANS AT EACH GAME THIS YEAR. That is, in a word, DISGRACEFUL and there is only ONE person to blame – the idiot who developed the seating/pricing structure for the New Stadium, whose name I can’t, and don’t, want to recall at this moment. The Yankees are currently averaging 10,000 fans (7%)less/game than they did last season. I realize it is still early in the year, BUT, having thousands of empty seats, in a stadium which holds 6,000 few fans, is a big, BAD, warning sign.

  2. Deb says:

    Not all Boston fans are assholes. But not all of them are d*cks either.

    Some of them, particularly those of the driving persuasion, are actually douchenuggets!

  3. ThaBleek says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Love the blog. Keep it up please!

  4. Dave Levin says:

    Good post, DC. I was amazed at the sheer number of the obnoxious Phillies fans I encountered at Penn Station.

  5. don says:

    Never mind the fans man, what I notice at these new stadiums, like Yankee stadium, are the unbelievably crisp scoreboards. I mean, talk about high-definition. I think it’s like 103 feet wide and 58 feet high, and has 9 million LEDs.

    Have you noticed? I am not just talking about baseball scoreboards, but also if you go to the Garden, you can see the same unbelievable clarity on the hockey scoreboard.

    I think there’s an even bigger scoreboard planned for the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium.

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