Summertime blues

Holiday Snack Bar, Beach Haven, NJ

Holiday Snack Bar, Beach Haven, NJ

Something is missing this week, and it’s very weird.

This is the week before Memorial Day. I’m supposed to be getting everything ready to head down to the beach house on LBI Friday morning. But I’m not.

I’m supposed to be buying cases of G2 (low-calorie Gatorade) and good beer, because I refuse to drink Bud, Miller or Coors (Miller Lite is tolerable). I’m supposed to be packing bathing suits, towels, bedding, toiletries, Hawaiian shirts and more good beer. But I’m not.

I’m supposed to constantly check for the Beach Haven forecast. But I’m not.

I’m supposed to be making arrangements for someone to feed the cats, because God forbid the two pot-bellied pigs miss a meal. But I’m not.

The summer of 2009 will be the first one since the summer of 2000 that I’m not in a beach house. It really bothered me at first, but I started coping with it, accepting it and making other plans, so I was at peace with it for a while. But now, with the Friday before Memorial Day staring me in the face, to put it mildly, it fucking sucks.

There are things I won’t miss. The bar scene down at LBI has become agonizing the past couple of summers, with the exact same bands playing the exact same songs week after week after week. And the two-hour drive each way does tend to get old. But the good outweighs the bad.

I’ll keep busy. I have a lot more weekend Yankees tickets. My girlfriend and I are planning a few trips. But I still feel like something is missing.

This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year. I love the feeling of anticipation that the beginning of summer brings. But as excited as I am to welcome the World Champion Phillies to Yankee Stadium this weekend, it just isn’t the same kind of buzz.


5 comments on “Summertime blues

  1. Jill says:

    Coors and Bud both suck. Use your free weekends to come to Philly for cheesesteaks. You have a guest bedroom 10 blocks away from Tony Luke’s to use whenever you want it.

  2. Deb says:

    At the same time, spending a holiday in Hoboken is never as bad as it sounds.

    The crowds are gone.

    The streets are silent.

    There are parking spaces available.

    And, in a weird way, the air just seems a whole lot fresher than usual. I love it when all the crazy, drunk cats in our town go away. But maybe it’s just me.

  3. Deb says:

    Go to the shore when no one else is headed out there!

  4. […] but I’ve never lived with anyone before. We did sort of have a trial run by sharing a room in our old beach house, but, as she pointed out, that was more of a vacation situation, where this is everyday life. […]

  5. […] I said in a previous blog post, I don’t do well with goodbyes. And I recently found out that the beach house on Long Beach Island where I spent several summers was added to the goodbye list, permanently. The beach at 5th St. in […]

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