Stop the stupidity

STOP sign

STOP sign

Attention, drivers in and around Hoboken, N.J.: When you see the sign pictured on the right, it means exactly what it says. Why is this difficult? “Stop” means stop. Are you all that stupid?

“Stop” doesn’t mean head toward the intersection at 50 miles per hour on a residential block, lightly tap the brake and blow through it at about 40.

“Stop” doesn’t mean roll out into the middle of the intersection.

“Stop” doesn’t mean stop at the intersection and refuse to move until the closest oncoming car is somewhere around Netcong.

“Stop” means stop, check for oncoming traffic or pedestrians, and then proceed.

Seriously, is it really that hard?

2 comments on “Stop the stupidity

  1. Jill says:

    People with Jersey plates just don’t know how to handle stop signs. Or parallel parking. Or traffic lights. Or any kind of driving that doesn’t involve an expressway.

  2. Deb says:


    (And I’m not even religious.)

    The worst– and I do mean WORST– of all these dum-dums is the driver who skips a STOP sign while fondeling her Blackberry.

    Um, true story. 5th and Hudson. The other day.

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