Lonn Trost really needs to shut the hell up

It is truly amazing to me that the New York Yankees continue to let Lonn Trost anywhere near a microphone. It is even more amazing to me that he still has any job in the organization, much less the position of chief operating officer.

Lonn Trost, amazingly WITHOUT his foot in his mouth

Lonn Trost, amazingly WITHOUT his foot in his mouth

Among his many faults, Trost can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that Yankee Stadium is supposed to be a baseball stadium – not a corporate events center, not a networking destination, not an entertainment and shopping complex, a baseball stadium.

One of the many fun experiences of attending a baseball game, if you’re fortunate enough to get there early, is heading down to field level to try to catch balls hit into the stands and interact with players.

However, since Trost clearly has no concept, clue or theory what going to a baseball game means, when asked why fans aren’t permitted into the field-level seats before games, his ingenious response was: “If you purchased a suite, do you want people in your suite? If you purchased a house, do you want people in your house?”

This isn’t the Kennedy compound, you fucking moron. It’s a baseball stadium, where baseball is played, and baseball fans congregate. How hard is this to understand?

But that’s fine: Continue to insult every one of your customers who was too smart to shell out $2,500 per ticket, and then continue to sit in your suite, free of us savage invaders, scratching your head and wondering why the first eight rows of Yankee Stadium are as sparsely populated as a bus terminal at 3 a.m.

NYU graduation at Yankee Stadium (photo from Subway Chatter)

NYU graduation at Yankee Stadium (photo from Subway Chatter)

Every time this man speaks, he becomes exponentially less popular. The fact that Hal and Hank Steinbrenner haven’t put a muzzle on him is astounding. Rather than beating around the bush, he might as well just come straight out and say, “If you can’t afford to pay top dollar for tickets, you are clearly inferior scum. You should be grateful to us for letting you purchase any tickets at all.” That’s exactly the way the man comes across. Does media training sound like a good idea to anyone?

In an even funnier note, my alma mater, NYU, held its graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium, and the Legends Suite was still kept empty. I mean, really, are you people serious? I guess Trost didn’t want any NYU ruffians running through his suite and his house.

The new Yankee Stadium may be beautiful, but the way the organization is running things is nothing short of a disaster.

6 comments on “Lonn Trost really needs to shut the hell up

  1. Deb says:

    When the suite goes out of business, they’re gonna replace it with a 7-11.

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