Common Sense 1, New York Yankees 0

Earth is flat. Santa Claus, the Easter Beagle and the Great Pumpkin are real. Soy burgers taste just like grade-A beef. That dog you had as a child really did go to live with a nice couple on a farm. And the high and mighty New York Yankees actually admitted that they were wrong.

Empty seats at the new Yankee Stadium

Empty seats at the new Yankee Stadium

The Yankees announced today that they are slashing the prices of the best seats in the ballpark. If you’ve watched one of the six games that have been played at Yankee Stadium thus far, the seats I’m talking about are the ones filled with all of the fans who came in costume, dressed as empty seats.

The prices for the seats are still beyond ridiculous — $2,500 tickets were cut to $1,250 and $1,000 seats to $650, plus season-ticket holders are being given additional tickets in comparable seats — but it’s a step in the right direction.

There are few people who love baseball more than I do, but $2,500 to see one regular-season baseball game is a sick joke, no matter where the tickets are. Most Yankees games drag on for about four hours, and ex-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer paid less than $2,500 for four hours with Ashley Dupre.

I guess two weeks of being abused via just about every form of media about the number of people in the best and most visible seats in the ballpark resembling the crowd for a Men Without Hats reunion tour got to the arrogant upper management of the Yankees. But I have no sympathy for Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine and Lonn Trost, who have been nothing but condescending throughout the entire relocation process to the new ballpark.

In any event, it will be nice to turn on a Yankees game being played at home and see a color besides the navy blue of the seat backs.

Is there any chance that the ballclub’s generosity will extend to those of us with $40 seats? Um, I won’t hold my breath.

7 comments on “Common Sense 1, New York Yankees 0

  1. Deb says:

    Half-price luxury-seat tickets– yay!

    Erm, we still can’t afford them.

  2. […] equivalent of Fenway’s $325 seats having sold for $900, $1,050 and $2,500 before the Yankees were forced to lower their prices due to the embarrassing number of prime empty seats that were painfully visible on TV. But even […]

  3. […] closer than you’ll ever get at a Major League Baseball game (unless you feel like handing over $1,250 to Lonn Trost and the rest of the ass hats in the Yankees organization). I love the relaxed, family […]

  4. Jackson says:

    Very good post. Looking forward to seeing you write much more about this subject.

  5. […] same. As I said earlier, the real fans were pushed higher and further away from the field, leaving embarrassing acres of empty seats on field level, and basically destroying any kind of home-field advantage. Why did this happen? Many fans, myself […]

  6. […] will have an epiphany and realize that the pricing structure is completely out of whack, similar to what happened with the most expensive seats in the ballpark during the inaugural 2009 season. The thought of hooking up with an old flame again is truly appealing. But I know that sort of […]

  7. […] seats, especially in the premium sections, have become the norm, no matter how big the game, or how nice the weather. And as clueless as […]

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