I hate April baseball

Don’t get me wrong: Opening Day is my favorite day of the entire calendar year. But as someone who has had tickets to at least 40 Yankees game per season since 1997, the part of the schedule between Opening Day and Memorial Day is a never-ending pain in the ass.

Old Yankee Stadium in the rain

Old Yankee Stadium in the rain

Why? Mother Nature is a filthy trollop. Weather has been an issue for almost every April game I’ve had tickets to. Nobody wants to sit in the rain, and nobody wants to trek all the way up to the Bronx only to find out the obvious: The game has been canceled. Gee, does the fact that it’s been pouring all day have anything to do with that? Yesterday was one of the rare times when the Yankees actually called a game early enough to save people the futile trip.

Sure, you get your occasional gorgeous day in April. But that’s the exception, not the rule. Even when you’re not dealing with precipitation, which is rare, you often have to dress the way you’d typically dress for a football game.

And all of this, folks, makes April tickets nearly impossible to get rid of. Trust me on this one.

At least the traditional Tampa Rays @ Yankees April series won’t be a factor anymore, with the Rays actually becoming a good team. It seemed that for several seasons in a row, one of the Yankees’ earliest home series would be against Tampa, a then-putrid team, in God-awful weather. The best salesperson in the world couldn’t talk someone into going to see a minor-league baseball team, in 40-degree weather, with rain in the air.

I just hope the weather changes for the better by the time the Yankees return from their upcoming road trip at the end of the month. I don’t have the patience for this crap anymore!

2 comments on “I hate April baseball

  1. Deb says:

    One-hundred percent agreed! It was obvious that yesterday’s game would have to be cancelled. Some reported seeing snow flurries. Not to mention that we’d have frozen our nuts off!

    Glad to see that experience has resulted in the kind of common sense that respectfully calls-off a game. Go Yanks!

  2. […] as anybody with a window knows, all it has done since the month of June started is fucking rain, which makes dealing with baseball tickets a very difficult […]

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