New Yankee Stadium: Consider main level, left-field bleachers

One of the biggest differences between the old Yankee Stadium and the new Yankee Stadium to me is that there are two areas where I hated to sit in the old ballpark, but which I think are among the best values (and I use the term “values” very loosely) in the new facility.

Yankee Stadium seating chart

Yankee Stadium seating chart

I never liked the main level at the old Stadium. I found that it was too far back from the field. Also, if you were in one of the lower rows, fans on the walkway between field level and main level were constantly in your way. But if you were in one of the higher rows, you were under the overhang and lost sight of most fly balls.

However, some of the main-level seats in the new ballpark are probably the best in the house. The ones right behind home plate are unbelievable, but they are much too pricey for most people’s blood, as they are part of an exclusive area called the Delta Sky360 Suite. I don’t know how much they cost, and I don’t want to know.

But if you only go to a few games a year, the seats in sections 226-227B (right by third base) and 213-214B (right by first base), at $90 in advance and $95 on game day, offer an incredible view and, while I cringe at calling $90 or $95 a decent price, for this ballpark, they really are a great value. Even the next group of main-level seats a little further into the outfield — 228-230 and 210-212, $75 in advance, $80 on game day — aren’t half-bad.

The other part of the ballpark that made my opinion do a complete 180 is the left-field bleachers. In the old Stadium, they were behind both bullpens and Monument Park, so they were about 550 feet from home plate. I hated them. I was unfortunate enough to sit there three times, and I couldn’t follow the game at all. The only way I knew where the ball was hit — or even if the ball was hit — was to look at the fielders.

But in the new Yankee Stadium, they’re much closer and exponentially better. I’d sit there in a heartbeat, especially for $14, which is a fraction of the cost of most of the seats in the ballpark.

One thing to be careful of: Several seats in section 239 are obstructed by the sports bar, which blocks most of right field. They were supposedly reduced to $5 each after a public outcry, but you probably want to be safe and stick with sections 235-238.

5 comments on “New Yankee Stadium: Consider main level, left-field bleachers

  1. stealinghome says:

    the new yankee stadium is so nice. i love it. anyone seen that the bronx is burning is now on msg on sundays at 9pm ( pretty sweet since you get post commentary from reggie jackson, bucky dent, sparky lyle, and others on the 77′ season and more. just makes you appreciate the yankees history, and look forward to everything that is about to come around in the new stadium.

  2. Deb says:

    I wonder if the Delta seats are the $2700 ones I’d heard about from my husband.

    Yep. Totally affordable.

  3. Jon says:

    You can’t even get tickets anymore from the yankees site for main or terrace for Saturday or Sunday games because all the brokers have bought them. Main level tix on stubhub, vivid seats, etc: $125 & up. Average is probably around 150. It totally sucks. But since I’m getting these as a gift, and I don’t live in NY, I wanted to see what were good seats for the price. I googled “yankee stadium 227b good seats?” because 214 and 225 a & b were at the max of what I’d spend. 3rd hit was your site, and thanks to your savant-like knowledge of old vs new yankees stadium, I pulled the trigger on 227b row 9 seats. I’m sure my inlaws will have a great time at the game!

  4. Jon says:

    I meant “227 a & b”, not 225

  5. Jim Robison says:

    I am looking at buying 4 seats in section 212 row 21 for one game. The stub hub site says possibly obstructed view and standing area. Are these good seats or some kind of standing room drinking area?


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