Mojito withdrawal



I’ve been back from Cancun around 16 hours, and I’m starting to shake and twitch due to the absence of a mojito from my system. This is not good.

This trip was so necessary, though, and it was the perfect type of vacation. We did absolutely nothing except lie by the pool, drink, swim in the pool, drink, drink at the swim-up bar, swim in the ocean, drink, eat and drink. All-inclusive hotels rock!

The food was fantastic at the Riu Palace Las Americas, as well, and I don’t mean that it was good for hotel food — it was just good. In fact, our last meal, at the fusion restaurant, would not have disappointed in the least if it were served at a restaurant in Manhattan.

The Cun pool bar

And between the minibar in the hotel room — tequila, rum, vodka, brandy and ice-cold Dos Equis Lager — and the availability of drinks everywhere, including having mojitos delivered straight to our chairs at poolside, I was basically on a five-day buzz.

There were several activities that would have been appealing if we had a couple of more days in Cancun — excursions, snorkeling, wave runners — but both of us have been so burned out, between my search for work and my girlfriend’s overabundance of it, that the pace of this vacation was perfect.

After wrestling with the decision, we made the last-minute call not to bring our laptops. And although our cell phones actually picked up a roaming signal, they were locked in a safe in our hotel room, in the off position, for the entire trip. We actually spent 15 minutes at an Internet kiosk, mostly to book our car service to take us home from the airport, and that was that.

I’m definitely feeling more like myself. I feel refreshed, and I’m anticipating the start of this baseball season more than I have in years, largely due to the new Yankee Stadium. My attitude about my job hunt is improved, although we’ll see if that newfound optimism can survive another empty week or two. I just feel great all around.

Now, where the hell can I get a mojito around here?

Riu Palace Las Americas

Riu Palace Las Americas

4 comments on “Mojito withdrawal

  1. Is that a Star of David in the Pool?

  2. Deb says:

    Welcome back!

    Sounds like you two had a great time. That mojito looks fabulous (as do the other photos) :).

  3. Aims says:

    Awesome! Sounds like just what you needed!

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