Your 2009 Hoboken Honkies

I just finished fantasy draft No. 2 out of 3, this one done online. I present your 2009 Hoboken Honkies, round in parentheses:

C A.J. Pierzynski, CHW (19): All of the top-notch catchers got taken a little too early for my tastes, so I waited as long as possible.

1B Mark Teixeira, NYY (2): I normally stray from taking Yankees because I hate having players from my favorite team on my fantasy team, but he was by far the best hitter left.

2B Robinson Cano, NYY (8): See above on the topic of taking Yankees, but in round No. 8, this was highway robbery.

SS Michael Young, TEX (7): Why even bother explaining? I obviously have some sort of bromance with this guy, because he finds his way onto every single one of my fantasy squads. Still, 200 hits is 200 hits.

3B Ryan Zimmerman, WAS (6): There was a huge drop-off at this position after him.

OF Nick Markakis, BAL (4): He’s another guy I seem to draft all of the time, and I’m really hoping his power develops.

OF Bobby Abreu, LAA (5): I hate his guts as a fan and was happy to see him leave the Yankees, but from a fantasy standpoint, it’s hard to turn down power, speed and on-base percentage.

OF Jay Bruce, CIN (10): This kid was a beast when he came up in the middle of last season.

U Jim Thome, CHW (14): I normally won’t take guys who only qualify at DH, but it was hard to pass up 30 homers in round 14.

Johan Santana

Johan Santana

SP Johan Santana, NYM (1): I can’t believe he was still there with the 12th pick. I detest the Mets, but not taking him here would be grounds to be banished from fantasy sports.

SP Roy Halladay, TOR (3): I absolutely love the one-two punch of Santana and Doc.

SP Justin Verlander, DET (11): This guy’s always a risk, but I took the same path in my first draft.

RP Carlos Marmol, CHC (9): If the Cubs win and his arm doesn’t fall off, he’s a good first closer.

RP Matt Capps, PIT (12): I’m not a big fan of taking closers from bad teams, but with the No. 12 pick out of 12, when you pick twice and then sit there scratching yourself for an hour, if there’s a run on a position (closers, in this case), you take what you can get.

RP Heath Bell, SD (13): I actually like him better than I liked Capps, but I think the Padres might actually suck worse than the Pirates.

P Johnny Cueto, SP, CIN (16): He’s another guy from my first draft, and he has big-time strikeout potential.

P Frank Francisco, RP, TEX (17): Now that he’s done throwing chairs at fans, I hope he can pick up some saves for a bad Rangers team.

P Jeremy Guthrie, SP, BAL (18): He’s yet another player on both of my teams. I do this way too much. He’s a solid starter, albeit on a bad team and in a hitters’ park.

P Manuel Corpas, RP, COL (20): He’s shaky, but he’s still a closer available in round 20.

B Nelson Cruz, OF, TEX (15): In the interest of full disclosure, this pick was an accident. I thought, for some ungodly reason, that Cliff Lee was still available, and I ran out of time, so the autodraft feature selected him. That being said, I’m happy with the pick.

B Hank Blalock, 1B/3B, TEX (21): What the hell was he doing out there in round 21?

B Orlando Cabrera, SS, OAK (22): I made this move just in case Young gets hurt, but I have a feeling Cabrera may be my first cut if I need someone at another position.

B Jeremy Hermida, OF, FLA (23): This was a pick based on potential. He started to come on last year. We shall see.

B Akinori Iwamura, 2B, TB (24): I cannot believe he was available in the last round of the draft. Having him may enable me to use Cano for trade bait.

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