Unemployment Nine: What does a kosher Labrador have to do with writing?

Kosher Labrador

Kosher Labrador

In one of my many trips to craigslist today, I found this ad under writing/editing (unedited):

Seeking an individual to provide dog care & household assistance. You will be responsible for the care of two energetic Labradors, basic cleaning, errands, shopping, light kitchen prep, general home help. This is a live in position. You will be required to be in the home during the day. You must love dogs and be comfortable handling them, but not currently own one. Nicely renovated, one-bedroom apartment and monthly salary provided. Experience with a Kosher home a plus. Approximately 5.5 days a week, but flexibility is a must. We are looking to fill this position immediately. References required, background check will be conducted! Please email a short paragraph telling a little about yourself and your resume.

Unlike some of the other masterpieces I’ve posted, there’s nothing wrong with this ad at all, except for one minor detail: What in the hell does it have to do with writing or editing?

2 comments on “Unemployment Nine: What does a kosher Labrador have to do with writing?

  1. Lorin P. says:

    Is that Labrador on the picture is real?! he’s so cute!%!$^

  2. Mooshu says:

    Lots of stories come from caring for a dog! Nine, think about it :)…

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