Terrell Owens: North America’s problem

My reaction to the Dallas Cowboys’ release of Terrell Owens was, to put it simply: Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Terrell Owens popping painkillers

Terrell Owens popping painkillers

At first, I was puzzled that the Buffalo Bills signed him. But now it’s starting to make sense. It’s all part of the plan to have T.O. hate go global.

Just about everyone in the United States already hates him. Most of Mexico hates him, too, as the Cowboys are the most popular team in Mexico and any Cowboys fan whose head isn’t buried in the sand knows releasing him was the right move.

Now, by playing for the Bills, who have a huge fan base in Canada, fans in that country will begin to hate him, too.

And the Bills are just the sort of up-and-coming NFL team that the league likes to feature in its overseas games, so somewhere down the line, fans in Europe and/or Asia will embrace the joy of hating Terrell Owens’ guts, too.

Global T.O. hate: It’s a wonderful thing!

One comment on “Terrell Owens: North America’s problem

  1. yourfriendandy says:

    This is a hilarious conspiracy theory!!

    (love the picture too man!)

    I’m a Bills fan and couldn’t be happier with the signing. Check out my thoughts:


    Go Bills!


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