Farewell, Roy Williams

Lost among the headlines over the Cowboys finally getting rid of Terrell Owens, who never should have been on the God-damned team in the first place, was the fact that Dallas also released safety Roy Williams.

Roy Williams

Roy Williams

The move makes perfect sense for both sides. Williams was never good at coverage and became a serious liability in his last full season (2007), but he’s still a nasty hitter. He’s young (28) and skilled, and will, hopefully, find a team with a scheme that’s more suited to his talents.

Unlike pompous bastard T.O., I tip my hat and wish Roy all the best.

Although I agree with the move, it reminds me of one of the worst things about being a sports fan: seeing your favorite players leave your favorite team. It’s part of the business and, in many cases, like this one, it makes perfect sense. But that doesn’t make it suck any less.

As I said earlier, it got to the point where Williams and the Cowboys weren’t a good fit. As much as I like the guy, the fact that he made the Pro Bowl as an injury replacement after the 2007 season was an utter and complete joke. I watched almost every snap of every Dallas game that season, and Williams was nowhere near Pro Bowl-caliber.

But all that being said, watching him play for another team will be strange and painful. He was one of my favorite players throughout the team’s improvement from three consecutive 5-11 seasons to a steady playoff contender, and I just loved watching him hit. And the two No. 31 jerseys in my closet are now obsolete (although they were last season, too, as he switched to No. 38 before getting hurt and missing most of the season).

I would love to see Williams catch on with a decent team, in a defense where his abilities can be used, and enjoy success for the rest of his NFL career.

Terrell Owens, on the other hand, can go get bent.

One comment on “Farewell, Roy Williams

  1. KurtisMaximus says:

    Terrel Owens – The next NY Giant receiver. Your worst nightmare!

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