Stressful dream

I had a weird dream this morning that I’m still stressed from, even though I’ve been awake for hours. This is weird: Nothing like this has ever happened to me.



When it comes to dreams, I either remember every single minute detail about them, or nothing at all.

For example, I’ll never say I dreamed about a baseball game. I’ll say I dreamed about being in my old seats in Yankee Stadium, on a colder night, and I’ll remember that I was wearing my Yankees turtleneck under my jersey and cursing myself for forgetting to bring gloves. I’ll remember an exact situation in the game and what happened, and not just say, “I had a dream that I was at a Yankees-Red Sox playoff game and the Yankees won.”

I’ll even remember every detail about the people who were with me in the dream. I’ll never say that I was with a hot blonde. I’ll say I was with a blonde with striking blue eyes who was wearing a black sleeveless cocktail dress, black fishnet stockings and shiny black stilettos.

Obviously, this blonde was not with me at a Yankee game, or in last night’s dream — I’m just giving an example.

So I’ll spare everyone the minute details from my dream this morning. The basic plot is that I was returning home from somewhere and I missed what I guess was a cab that was supposed to take me to the train station, so I ran to the station carrying three bags and ended up meeting with a few people I knew in a small waiting room on the platform.

Apparently, at some point during the dream, I had accidentally switched phones with someone, and I had an iPhone-type device that I couldn’t figure out how to use, which is why I couldn’t call the cab back. This in itself is silly, since I’ve always been able to learn new technology devices very quickly, usually without looking at the manual.

Anyway, the train pulls in and everyone grabs their bags, and I can’t find my bag with my laptop in it. I panic and try yelling toward the people I know to see if one of them accidentally grabbed it, but they’re already boarding the train and don’t hear me. I take one more desperate look around the waiting area. Then, just as I start to board the train, the doors close, the train pulls out, the temperature on the platform drops about 20 degrees and I wake up.

Another silly detail: My laptop is a piece of crap and, if I ever did lose it, once I got past the initial few seconds of aggravation, I’d probably laugh about it.

Long story short: Have you ever had one of those days when every little thing goes wrong and you feel your stress level rising exponentially by the second? That’s what this dream was about.

So why do I still feel stressed even though, as I said, I’ve been awake for hours and it was obviously a dream? My trusty Treo cell phone, which I certainly know how to use, is right here, and my craptop laptop is safe in my closet. But I’ve been a ball of stress all day.

Could it be the fact that I very, very rarely take medication to help me sleep, but I did it two nights in a row and last night was the first pill-free night?

Could it be the stress I’m going through in real life, most notably, looking for a job?

Could it be the fact that I’m still recovering from one of the worst colds, viruses or whatever it was that I’ve ever had to fight?

Or could it be that I’ve finally lost my mind?

I’m confused.

4 comments on “Stressful dream

  1. LON says:

    I have this type of anxiety dream all of the time. In my dreams I am usually trying to get somewhere and I keep making a wrong turn or something. Its usually around the time I have a big presentation at work or something.

  2. Mooshu says:

    You haven’t lost your mind– you’ve found it. Congrats on sleeping without the aid of a pill.

    Whatever the force, the one that keeps taking away electronic devices or making you confused while using them, is trying to tell you something. Maybe you don’t need these things to guide you, just like you didn’t need the cab to get you “home”. You opted for the train. And even if you missed the ride, you probably would have figured out an alternate method of getting home if you hadn’t awoken so soon.

    Also, the temperature drop on the platform is indicative of change beyond your control. And cold, in itself, is a part of Winter, which is a season of introspection. Maybe you feel as though you’ve been left out in the cold in some way. But this time is an opportunity to reflect upon (and comfort) yourself. And that train you’ve missed out on? It wasn’t your ride, but you can make your own.

    Astrologically speaking, since Venus (planet of finances, values, belongings and relationships) will retrograde from March 6th thru April 17th, you may also wish to take care of/nurture all which you truly value. Your dream serves as a warning, so watch where you put your cash– make sure it’s in a trusty pocket when you go out. And take nothing at face value.

    Awareness of what your stressful dream could mean is the key to getting past it. Hope I was clear and a bit helpful.

  3. 9nine9 says:

    Cash? What cash? 🙂

  4. Mooshu says:

    The cash you pay the Dunkin Donuts cashier with! 🙂

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