Unemployment Nine: Not THAT kind of interview

The good news is that I finally got an interview last week. The bad news is that it wasn’t a job interview: Two friends and I spoke with someone from the Hoboken Reporter about our experiences being unemployed in the Mile Square City.

Page one, bitches!

Page one, bitches!

Much like the lunch I went to a couple of weeks ago, which was the idea of one of my two friends and organized by the other, I didn’t walk away with a job offer, but sharing my experiences and frustrations was good therapy.

When the paper came out yesterday, I had a trifecta of surprises: I never expected the story to be on the cover; I never expected the mug shot of yours truly with his protest beard to be featured prominently on page one; and I never expected the protest beard to become the unofficial theme of the story.

I’ve been getting blown up with text messages, e-mails, instant messages and Facebook messages over the past 12 hours or so. Sadly, none has been from anyone with a job offer. But this was still a fun experience and maybe it will lead to something down the road.

Who knew that not shaving for nearly two months would land me on the front page of the Hoboken Reporter?

3 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Not THAT kind of interview

  1. KrnTriFecta says:

    HAHAHA Nice 9!!
    I like how you used the word Trifecta.
    Where did you think of that word from? Hmm? 🙂
    Good luck getting a job offer!! You were in page 1 so I’m sure you grabbed some attention.

  2. Mooshu says:

    Fabulous. My husband’s growing a nice one, too, and trims it ever so slightly on occasion. I encourage beard growth.

    Congratulations on this publicity. It does help so much to be able to vent frustrations. I hope that you continue to do so on this blog, for it will keep me coming back for more– you’re not just venting but sharing a talent. Not to mention that you’ll feel better with each entry.

  3. Kent says:

    Awesome. Hope it helps & doesn’t itch too much, like mine always do. KG

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