Unemployment Nine: Play ball!

Anyone who follows this blog knows I’ve been deadly serious about my job search since getting laid off Oct. 2. But every once in a while, in the interest of maintaining a baseline level of sanity, I’ve treated myself to a break here and there.

Boston Beer Works Espresso Stout

Boston Beer Works Espresso Stout

Well, unless something happens between now and Thursday — “something” being a job interview — it’s time for another break.

Thursday at 1 p.m., YES Network will air its first spring-training game of the 2009 season, with the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays — I never thought I’d be able to type that with a straight face — coming to Steinbrenner Field in Tampa to play the New York Yankees.

So just before 1 p.m., the following steps will occur:

• This much-overworked PC will be turned off.

Panasonic Viera

Panasonic Viera

• The 64-ounce growler of Boston Beer Works Espresso Stout will be opened and enjoyed liberally, one pint at a time.

• My roommate’s plasma TV will be powered up.

• My ass (and the rest of my carcass) will retire to my recliner.

• I will proceed to watch nine innings of (hopefully) uninterrupted Grapefruit League baseball and enjoy every single pitch and sip.

I’m never home for these preseason games, so I might as well take advantage of the sad fact that nobody has shown any interest in hiring me and enjoy the game.

Play ball!

Steinbrenner Field

Steinbrenner Field

2 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Play ball!

  1. Kevin says:

    enjoy the preseason game man!

  2. Mooshu says:

    I’m a fan, nine! Thanks for posting your link on 411. I wish you luck in finding a new job :).

    P.S. Thanks for not publishing my identity.

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