Unemployment Nine: Information overload

I just found by far the most useless job listing in my four-plus months of unemployment.



This is the entire listing, from craigslist. I left out the e-mail address to protect the guilty, but I seriously should include it so everyone can tell this guy what a dumb ass he is. I also didn’t edit it, so any typos belong to the genius who posted it, and not to yours truly.

Job Offer (New York)

I have a job offer available for you and it pay good money at the end of the month.If you are interested in knowing more about the position.Contact email below.

Gee, thank you for the wealth of information. And I’m more interested than ever now that “it pay good money.” Hell, I don’t care what the job duties are! Sign me up!


5 comments on “Unemployment Nine: Information overload

  1. Norm says:

    Hey–I’ve been looking for a job for a few months now, and I’ve come across some crazy job listings. I posted about some of them. Here are the links…



    Good luck with the job search.

  2. LOL… kind of like the listing I encountered yesterday where the poster practically pleaded for applicants to call them directly and immediately– and yet provided no contact info.

  3. KrnTriFecta says:

    LOL!! That’s hilarious. Sounds so sketchy too. I really wonder what job it is.. =P

  4. Norm says:

    Yeah, I get sketchy stuff all the time. That’s one of the beauties of email, I suppose. They always seem like thinly veiled scams.

  5. […] a comment » Two days removed from this winner of a craigslist job posting, I found yet another fountain of information […]

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