Consuming calories in Boston

After invading Washington, D.C., last Presidents’ Day weekend, my girlfriend and I headed in the opposite direction this past weekend and basically ate and drank the city of Boston.

The first of two fantastic restaurants we enjoyed was Atlantic Fish. This was the best seafood meal I’d had in quite some time. Everything was fantastic — great bottle of wine (David Bruce Pinot Noir), fresh clams on the half-shell, hearty bisque, tasty sushi tuna appetizer, her salmon dinner and my blackened scallop dinner. Atlantic Fish is definitely recommended.

The other incredible meal was in Boston’s North End at a restaurant called Taranta, which bills itself as a “marriage between Southern Italian and Peruvian cuisine.” Again, every part of the meal was delicious: another great bottle of wine (La Posta Malbec blend), pan-roasted mussels, her pappardelle pasta with wild mushrooms porcini and my pork chops (the pork chops are their specialty, with good reason).

Now, on to the booze!

Bleacher Bar

Bleacher Bar

If you’re a baseball fan, the Bleacher Bar is a must. It’s built into Fenway Park, and I mean built into Fenway Park — the huge window is actually the right-center-field wall. It’s a great way to get a peak inside a historic ballpark during the offseason or while the Red Sox are on the road, and I’m sure it’s a zoo on game days.

Growler from Boston Beer Works

Growler from Boston Beer Works

I rarely go to another city without hunting for microbreweries, so I visited two old standbys. The first was Boston Beer Works, right near Fenway Park, which had an Espresso Stout that might have cracked my top 10 beers of all time. In fact, it was so good that I brought home a growler.

The second was John Harvard’s Brew House in Cambridge, right by Harvard. I was disappointed that they don’t seem to offer their porter any more, but the XO Stout and Provision Ale were fantastic.

I seriously need to go on a diet.

4 comments on “Consuming calories in Boston

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  2. Aims says:

    I’m a Boston girl myself, and you made some great picks. “Love that dirty water!”

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