Pay-Wad, A-Fraud, A-Roid, A-Hole, whatever …

ESPN just devoted its entire 6 p.m. SportsCenter to Alex Rodriguez, which I found unbelievable. Is it a huge story? Sure, but does that mean absolutely nothing else is going on in the world of sports? Well, I guess it was more important than Pro Bowl highlights, anyway.



I’m not going to cover the same ground that tons of writers — both professional and hacks like myself — have already covered. I just want to focus on the one issue that really stuck out for me.

Despite the fact that Rodriguez called himself “stupid” numerous times during his interview with Peter Gammons — who, incidentally, is featured on the $20 bill — he is not a stupid guy. I know the intellect of some athletes leaves much to be desired, but A-Rod is not a, “Duh, yeah, coach,” kind of guy.

So does he really expect us to believe that, in this first year of what was then the largest contract in baseball history by miles, he put things into his body without knowing what they were?


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