Unemployment Nine: Frustration meter overheating

I was hoping that my job hunt reached a low point two weeks ago, when I wrote this blog entry. Sadly, things are continuing to spiral downward.

I realized December would be a throwaway month due to the holidays and end-of-year budgets, and I was hoping things would pick up in January.



Well, things picked up in January in terms of the number of job listings. Since being laid off Oct. 2, January was, without a doubt, my most productive month in terms of sending out résumés. And, as I’ve done throughout my job search, I’ve only applied to jobs that match my skill set and that don’t require skills I don’t possess. I see no point in blanketing the planet with my work history by sending a résumé for every position that mentions the word “editor” in it.

So why am I about to put a fist through my monitor? Three numbers will answer that question. The number of interviews I’ve been on since Thanksgiving: one. The number of e-mail responses to the résumés I sent out in January: zero. And the number of phone calls regarding the résumés I sent out in January: zero.

I’m now seeing jobs I’ve applied for being listed for the third time, with no phone call nor e-mail. And, as I mentioned in an earlier entry, job listings are getting so ultra-particular that it seems they expect the absolute, perfect, ideal candidate to step right in. Have people forgotten that human beings are capable of learning things?

I tend to lean more toward pessimism than optimism (my friends and frequent readers of this blog just exclaimed, “DUH!”), but not in my worst nightmares did I think I’d be out of work four months and counting.

About six weeks ago, I posted a very short entry (basically a two-paragraph rant) bemoaning the fact that I can’t go through a single day without either hearing about someone I know losing their job or hearing about a media company launching layoffs. Sadly, that hasn’t changed one bit, either.

Every time I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, nothing comes out of it. For the Metallica fans who may read this, I close with a line from “No-Leaf Clover”: “Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel was just a freight train coming your way.”

This sucks more and more each day.

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