Unemployment Nine: The new age of job listings

The difference is gigantic between how job listings were constructed a few months ago, before this wave of layoffs started, and what they look like now. And if you’re browsing them as an unemployed person rather than someone looking to upgrade their job, the trend is downright scary.

Let’s face it: The people with jobs to offer know they have a much deeper pool to choose from, and they’re tweaking their ads mercilessly.

For example, I’m looking for a job that involves editing, managing content and/or writing for the web.

A typical job posting from a few months ago would have looked a little something like this:

Web content manager: Individual wanted to create and edit content for Web site. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and comfortable with content-management tools. Familiarity with HTML, Photoshop or legal content a plus.

The same job posting today would read like this:

Web content manager: Individual wanted to create and edit content for Web site. Must be thoroughly proficient with Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, XyWrite, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, at least two-dozen content-management systems and any other software packages that come to mind between now and your interview, including several that have yet to be released. Will be required to create e-commerce system from scratch during interview while using only Notepad. Law degree from Ivy League or top 10 university required. Additional degree in computer science, journalism or new age healing a plus. Must be able to offer therapeutic massage service to employees in headquarters and branch offices. Certified lifeguards welcome. Ability to walk on water or heal animals with the touch of your fingertip a plus. Equal opportunity employer.

Is it any wonder I’ve gone nearly four months without a job? People are holding out for the absolute perfect employee, because they can, and ignoring the fact that a lot of skills or assets they’re requiring can be learned easily and quickly. And the ads are getting worse and worse by the week.

This is a truly alarming trend.

5 comments on “Unemployment Nine: The new age of job listings

  1. Penny says:

    Have you searched Craigslist? It’s a great resource. Here’s a tip. You might consider using http://www.CraigZoom.com to search Craigslist if you are looking for a job and willing to relocate.

    CraigZoom allows you to search ALL of Craigslist, rather than have to go city by city. It’ll save ya a ton of time.

    Good luck.

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