Unemployment Nine: New year, fresh start?

I can’t say I was sorry to see 2008 come to an end. A man should not have to lose his job , his bar and his ballpark in the same year.



Unfortunately, 2009 has gotten off to a very slow start in terms of the job hunt. I know today was, for all intents and purposes, only the second true business day of the new year, but my patience level is running very low right now.

When you’re unemployed, December is a total and complete waste of 31 days. I had one interview during the entire month, and the total number of résumés I sent out was definitely in the single-digits.

The listings are starting to pick up a little and, as I said, there have really only been two business days. But I want a job, and I want it now.

Good riddance to 2008 and, as for 2009, move your ass already.

3 comments on “Unemployment Nine: New year, fresh start?

  1. mikewalzman says:


  2. KrnTriFecta says:

    Good luck finding a new job 9!!

  3. […] with more good than bad, but not enough good to call it wonderful. This is in direct contrast to 2008, which can pretty much go to hell. I managed to lose my job, my favorite bar and my ballpark in […]

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