The worst-written spam e-mail of all-time

I would suggest counting the spelling, grammar and plain old language errors in this masterpiece, but there ain’t enough hours in the day for that. Enjoy. Or vomit, as I almost did.

Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Dear Fund Benneficiary,
Some time ago, your African friends, I mean the people that introduced you to the project approached you and requested you assist them conclude a money transfer deal they had with you, they requested you to assist them by removing the original contractors name , from the bank vetting computer and replacing them with your name and your details in order to make you appear as the rightful beneficiary of this funds. you agreed and they said you will share the money with them as soon as your name appears as the beneficiary.
So this is just a clue to show you that we are very investigative and have all details to persecute you, but we shall give you the opportunity to receive the funds and make it clean, since it is coming into our dear country, but if you do not co-operate then we shall take negative actions.
Maybe you think, that we are joking , but by the time we start taking actions you would know how serious we are,you do not have his document in your files,if you did the account would not have been freezed. We did not believe this at first , but when we saw the wire we had no option than to contact you. It has come to the attention of our Money Trafficking investigation department, that you have some funds valued at U.S $10.5 Million to your name , The said payment is awaiting adjudication and credited to your name this funds are from Inheritance ‘willed ‘to you from African Bank precisely.
With full concern of The F.B.I and the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) wish to remind you of the consequences of remitting such huge sums of money without complying fully with the provisions of the Financial and Allied Matters Decree 5 as amended in sub-section C(6) of 2003, which stipulates that any monitory transaction been done in the United States Of America, must have proper records , which dually guarantees and covers the transaction as legitimate and legally acquired and not criminally or terrorist associated funds. This is due to ongoing terrorist activities/economic crimes on and against the United States of America citizens .
You are under an observational /Investigation in connection with money laundering.
If your funds comes from a legitimate and legal source ,the proper guidelines for you to recover the right of transaction is for you to provide the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY SEAL OF TRANSFER (DIST) so that your funds will be legally processed and recorded and accounted for and then finally released to you .
FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONEY LAUNDERING DEPARTMENT ) IS HERE to wipe out terrorism , and will stop at no length in doing our duty for the American people .
You have 48 hours to produce legal proof of the below frozen wired transaction number coded:3456711owned by you , You do not have any rights to recieve this funds if the documented legal wire information is not complete. The very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations–which serve, as our mission states, ‘to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States.’ We currently have jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal law. So you can see that the that we can track you down through Investigative programes.We have your address and the evidence and status of your wired funds, so we can arrest you anytime.
Note ,the funds are very legal and from a good source, so as a matter of National interest you have to provide the documents to certify the money as clean funds. The funds are inthe Bank Of America right now, and wil be released to you as soon as this document is procured,even if you do not want the funds you still have to obtain the documents to clear your name as, the funds are already here, so the decision is yours.   If you have the document then forward it to us immediately, if you do not have the documents then contact us immediately so that we can advice you on what it will take and where to obtain the documents.
Note: that you have just 48 hours to complete this process of national interest.
NOTE:If you failure to produce the above requirement in the next 48 hours, legal action will be taken immediately from our office
Yours In Service.
Federal Bureau Of Investigations

3 comments on “The worst-written spam e-mail of all-time

  1. lynne says:

    I think something inside my head exploded.

  2. KrnTriFecta says:


    This is why I don’t read spam mail.

    But wow. That is ridiculous.

    Benneficiary? Come on be real

  3. Автор, дай мыло. Есть предложение.

    здесь видел ет

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