To Jerry Jones: Fire Wade Phillips yesterday

I already wanted Wade Phillips fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys before the excuse of a football game that took place in Philadelphia yesterday. Now is there any doubt that this move must be made?

Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones

Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones

A team that was 13-3 last year and sent 13 players to the Pro Bowl ended up 9-7 and out of the playoffs. And the complete lack of preparation for the game yesterday — which was a playoff game, for all intents and purposes — was utterly inexcusable.

How do you lose a must-win game 44-6?

How do you commit the same kinds of costly penalties in week 17 of the season that have been killing your team all year?

How do you start a must-win game by kicking the ball out of bounds and giving the Eagles the ball at their 40-yard-line?

How do you look completely flabbergasted against the Eagles’ blitz when all the Eagles have done for years is blitz?

How do the linebackers still not know their responsibilities in week 17?

How does (wide receiver) Roy Williams not know how to run a pattern?

Why has the play calling been painfully predictable?

This team has no discipline and no focus, and that starts with the head coach. The Cowboys had way too much talent to finish 9-7 and miss the playoffs, and someone has to pay. That someone is Wade Phillips, and I wouldn’t mind seeing so-called offensive genius Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Brian Stewart follow Wade out the door.

Jerry Jones: What are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Does Wade Phillips have pictures of you fondling a sheep? Fire him, now. Then go after Bill Cowher and offer him top dollar and full control. Do you think Bill Cowher would permit the sloppiness that crippled the Cowboys all year? I highly doubt it.

Jerry Jones, it’s time to admit your mistake and end the Wade Phillips error. Now.

One comment on “To Jerry Jones: Fire Wade Phillips yesterday

  1. […] According to the post — which quotes a story by Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News – team owner Jerry Jones may be far more at fault for the Cowboys’ lack of discipline than head coach Wade Phillips. […]

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