Unemployment Nine: Bittersweet deposit

I just got back from depositing a check. Normally, this would be good news for anyone, especially the unemployed, but this one was kind of bittersweet.

Several weeks before my job was yanked from under me, I bought two tickets to see AC/DC at Madison Square Garden. The check I deposited today was the money I received for selling those tickets.

Back in Black

Back in Black

I grew up on AC/DC. Back in Black was one of the first records (yes, records) I ever bought. And I cackled like a 13-year-old the first time I heard “Big Balls,” which was nothing unusual, since I actually was a 13-year-old. The last time I saw them live — in the late 1990s, also at the Garden — they were amazing.

But cuts have to be made somewhere until my situation is stable. And the party for my softball league, during which my team received its championship trophy, was being held the same night. So, the choice came down to the following: $95 plus Ticketmaster charges for the show, or a free three-hour open bar? The open bar won, and I think there’s still some Yuengling left in my bloodstream.

A little bit of the pain was taken away when I saw the set list for the show I would have seen: 14 songs. Weak. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by some of my other favorite artists, like the nearly four-hour marathon shows put on by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and the good solid three hours usually offered by Rush. But 14 songs during your first tour in years? Weak.

I can’t wait until I’m back in a situation where I can do what I want again.

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