Errands, Hoboken-style

I’ve finally dried off enough to sit at the keyboard and not short-circuit my PC. Why was I soaking wet? Simple: I just got back from running errands, Hoboken-style.

flooding in Hoboken

flooding in Hoboken

Why, you ask, is the act of running errands different in Hoboken than in other places? Elementary, my dear Watson: In normal places, when you have errands to run and it’s raining outside, you wait for the rain to let up, and then head out. In Hoboken, you leave during the teeth of the storm and drive through torrential rain in order to get home before the flood waters hit.

So if you happened to drive by BJ’s in Jersey City and saw a frazzled, drenched guy cursing up a storm while loading G2 and cat food into his Honda, my apologies for not saying hi, but I was preoccupied with trying to keep from drowning.

They seriously need to fix the infrastructure in this town.

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