Unemployment Nine: I don’t like Mondays

Uh-oh: Sounds like SOMEBODY’S got a case of the Mondays. And that somebody is yours truly.

Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays

Believe it or not, in the five weeks or so that I’ve been unemployed, I’ve begun to dislike Mondays more so than when I actually had to go to work.

Why? Simple: I’ve found Mondays to be the least productive weekday in terms of job ads. Battling the feeling of being useless and wasting your days is one of the hardest parts of being unemployed, and that’s very difficult to do when you don’t even think of sending out a single résumé, as has been the case pretty much every Monday since I was laid off.

E-mail’s dead, the phone is quiet, and the cats are unconscious (although the latter applies 365 days per year, 366 during Leap Years).

And I can’t even rely on Monday Night Football to break the doldrums, because tonight’s game — San Francisco at Arizona — can only possibly appeal to friends, family and anyone who needs to make up a few points in their fantasy league. Since the odds of Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston earning 74 points are somewhere around 7 trillion-1, I have zero interest in this football game.

Mondays suck.

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